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    Super Mario Bros. Special

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 25, 1986

    Super Mario Bros. Special is a sequel to Super Mario Bros. created by Hudson Soft. It is also the predecessor to The Lost Levels.

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    Super Mario Bros. Special is a follow-up to the original Super Mario Bros. developed by Hudson Entertainment, Inc. and released exclusively in Japan (NEC PC-8801, Sharp X1) and South Korea (Samsung SPC-1500). It was the last of three Mario games from Hudson, after Mario Bros. Special and Punch Ball Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros. Special (henceforth, "SMB Special") essentially uses the same spriteset as its predecessor. However, it is limited by the power of the computers it was developed for, giving all graphics bizarre palettes, and flip-screen scrolling, which is actually considered a hindrance to essentially all who have played it. Like the later Super Mario Bros. 2 ("The Lost Levels"), it was designed to be a much more difficult journey for the player.

    SMB Special introduced many new enemies and items, some of which originated in Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.

    New Enemies

    New Items

    • Hachisuke - Resembles the bee from the Hudson logo. If Mario picks it up, he will be awarded 8,000 points.
    • Hammer - The same power-up from Donkey Kong. It even behaves similarly.
    • Clock - Adds one hundred seconds to the clock.
    • Wing - Much like the P-wing from Super Mario Bros. 3
    • Lucky Star - Found only in World 4-1. If Mario collects it, all enemies on the screen will be killed.

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