Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released May 23, 2010

    The first Mario sequel in over 15 years to appear on the same console as its predecessor, Mario is back in the galactic platforming game, joined by Yoshi as he explores additional planets with new mechanics, power-ups, and boss battles.

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    WARNING: Do not play this game if you hate having a good time 2

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of game journalism consistently missing a very key demographic in their reviews. It's as if they're purposefully ignoring us and what we want out of a game, despite the fact there are literally <i>dozens</i> of us out there. I'm of course talking about people who don't like having fun.  "10/10 because it's so much fun!!!", "omg best game I've ever played!", "a non-stop bash set into overdrive!" bah! What about me, the consum...

    32 out of 35 found this review helpful.

    Yo, I hear Mario Galaxy 2 is an alright game... 4

    Nintendo’s darling franchise is back, and this time in intergalactic fashion—again. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is essentially a leaner and meaner iteration of its predecessor. Nintendo took every part of the original Mario Galaxy that may have felt like it was slowing the player down, and streamlined it. On top of that, all new gameplay mechanics are thrown into a scary number of ambitiously designed “galaxies”. Collecting power stars has never been this much fun.   Mario and Yoshi are blasting off A...

    11 out of 11 found this review helpful.

    A Fantastic Ride From Start to Finish 2

    Get Ready For Take Off! Summary: Familiar Faces Make A Return Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn't reinvent the wheel -- it perfects it. This game is truly awe-inspiring and is the most fun I've had with a video game in years. From the lush graphics to the wonderful orchestral score; it has it all. The control is impeccable and the gameplay is expanded on from the first Galaxy. The additions of Yoshi, Rock Mario, and Cloud Mario go a real long way to make everything feel fresh again and are all implemen...

    19 out of 23 found this review helpful.

    Mario back in the sky with diamonds 0

      Previously, I had suggested that the secret to Super Mario Galaxy’s success was attributed to Nintendo programmers undergoing some extra-curricular activities. After all, who but the users of the most hallucinogenic medicine could conjure up such wonderfully bizarre level concepts as the haunted house in space, or the race track in the sky comprised of floating water? It appears that Mario Galaxy’s commercial success was enough for EAD to score another stash of LCD and commit to a second drug ...

    11 out of 13 found this review helpful.

    Pure Pefection as Mario Does It Again... 0

         I was literally blown away by the first Super Mario Galaxy when it came out in November 2007. It was a Mario game unlike anything else going beyond what Mario 64 and Sunshine brought to the table with the whole galaxy theme along with messing with gravity. I never seen such unbelievable variety in a game ever until the first Galaxy. Nintendo seemed like they can do more with the galaxy concept with Mario, which is why Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced as a sequel on the Wii. Not only Galax...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    An even grander Galaxy. 0

     TissueShoe's review of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy was an astounding achievement in video game design back in 2007, and to this day it remains an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable 3-D platformer. In fact, Galaxy was so good that when I heard that a direct sequel would be coming a mere 2 ½ years later, I had my doubts as to how the game would be a worthy successor without simply rehashing everything that made the first game so great. But while Galaxy 2 is great for a...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    4D platforming 0

    To call it the greatest 3D platformer of all time is a misnomer, Super Mario Galaxy is the best example of 3D platforming available but it is so much more. It transcends the third dimension; it goes beyond simple conventions of gravity and perspective. And it does it with perfect control gorgeous, graphics and the highest quality of level design. The campaign moves very quickly, with the hub world gone in favor of a world map, it zips along from one inventive galaxy to another. No more hunting f...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    More like... Super Awesome Game... Two 0

    With sequels, it’s easy to get a feel of what to expect – more of what its predecessor offered, while improving on aspects that didn’t pan out the way as the developers intended. This is usually, if not always, the case. With Super Mario Galaxy 2, you won’t know what hit you. It’s a freight train of surprise, a paroxysm of ingenuity, an endless stream of balls-out craziness. There probably won’t be a better game this year. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is really frickin’ amazing.  It starts ever so predi...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Mario - still going strong. 0

     Super Mario Galaxy 2 follows one of the strongest games available on the Wii - and probably one of the most well made games of all time.  The first Super Mario Galaxy took everything you know and love about 3D platforming and Mario games and took it to the next level with brilliant level design, stellar visuals and music, and simple, yet effective controls.  Following that act has to be one of the most difficult things you could do, but of course Nintendo pulled out something that is most defin...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Blast off into a Galaxy sized Adventure 0

         With the name Super Mario Galaxy in the title Super Mario Galaxy 2 had a lot to live up too. As you can tell from my five star rating it not only lives up to its predecessor but overcomes it. It has the same mechanics, gameplay and look as Super Mario Galaxy did while introducing new power-ups, new level navigation similar to that of Super Mario 3 as well as Yoshi. The story starts out as any Mario game should, your on your way to go eat some cake Peach has made for you when instead you fin...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    It's Out of This World 0

    The first Super Mario Galaxy recaptured the old magic that started it all while reinventing the 3D platformer with fun new gravity physics and power suits.  The sequel picks up right where the first ended, and in some ways it may feel a bit like more of the same.  In this case, however, that’s certainly not a bad thing.  Super Mario Galaxy was one of the most refined, polished video games I have ever played, and a second dose of that kind of fun is exactly what the doctor ordered. Power...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Mario Still The King of Fun 0

        I had very high expectation going into Mario Galaxy 2 ,the first game was on my top ten favorite games of all time and it was my favorite Mario game ,well good news for everyone that Mario Galaxy 2 does everything its predecessor did well and much more.        The game starts out as always Mario is headed over to princess peaches place for cake when not just regular Bowser ,no planet sized Bowser comes and kidnaps her and it is up to you and the captain of a single luma space ship to go afte...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    The little plumber that could 0

    The original Super Mario Galaxy went a long way towards proving that even in this era of high definition graphics and big budget explosions, the core ingredient that makes a great game is how well it plays. And at that, Mario remains one of the best in the business. The original Galaxy was freakishly fun for that very reason, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 continues this tradition, resulting in a game that's easy to recommend to absolutely everyone. Mario has been around for seemingly forever, yet I w...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Nothing Bad to Say 0

    Good Points:    Fantastic level design Great music Streamlined overworld  Lots of variety in the gameplay Player 2 can now help player 1, instead of just griefing Beautiful, colorful, bright, cheerful, etc! Just plain fun! Bad Points: Hmmmmm... I don't know... It's not really a 2-player game...but you could just hand off the controller and take turns if you really want to make it 2-player. Some of it is a little too hard for my 5-year-old...I guess that's bad, right? (No, not really bad, ...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review- The Warpzone 0

    By Eric Smith   Nintendo has been giving the Wii a lot of 3-D platformer Mario love. It started in 2007 with Super Mario Galaxy and it ends with the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, in 2010. The original Super Mario Galaxy enthralled us with a sense of creativity that we just don’t often find  in video games these days. The original was so widely received, that three years later, it is still one of the highest rated games off all-time. Ever since the sequel debut at E3 2009, the reactions were mixe...

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    A must buy! 0

    I think by now most of us know how to play a 3D Mario game and I feel like this one is one of the best ones yet.  Given I have played Mario Galaxy 1 and I had a great time and it was amazing, but Galaxy 2 was outstanding and flat out perfect.  There was so much more to this game and I love how they got ride of the hub world.  I found myself smiling the entire time I played this game and I will try to continue to play it until I collect all of the stars.  The gameplay is amazing and the platformi...

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review 0

    By - Richard J.Back in 2007, the geniuses at Nintendo released Super Mario Galaxy to the world. The game received high critical acclaim and praise. Many dubbed Super Mario Galaxy as the best Mario game ever released. Riding on the coat tails of such a great success, Nintendo set out to release a sort of "Super Mario Galaxy 1.5", using levels that had to be cut from the original game due to restrictions. What was originally planned as a sort of expansion to the original Super Mario Galaxy quickly...

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    Flawless. 0

    I'm going to try to keep this brief. I have played and beaten every single Super Mario Bros. game multiple times. As I understand it, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64 are largely considered to be the best of the Mario games. Having recently beaten Super Mario Galaxy 2, I am quite comfortable in saying that it is as good as any of those were in their respective times. No Mario game, apart from the original Galaxy, comes close to matching the quantity and variety of level...

    1 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    great 0

    my hubby and i love this game. we played all night. Even bought a copy for my parents and 11 year old niece. Oh yoshi i missed you so. It is pretty much Mario galaxy, but no odd and crazy story line. Yoshi adds a new level of challenge to the game. His tongue helps you swing to unreachable places...

    1 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    A Perfect Galaxy Fit For A Plumber 0

    The sequel to Super Mario Galaxy is awesome in my favor and with all new missions, returning items from the first game, and the inclusion of Yoshi is perfect. The music that the game has to offer is also perfect. One of my favorites is Bowser's level theme. Now if you think that you can get 120 Stars that you could earn just by playing all of the levels in the first game, then you're in luck. The game now has over 240 Stars instead of the usual 120. So, this game is out of this galaxy!...

    2 out of 29 found this review helpful.

    A Nintendo Masterpiece 0

      As gamers Mario is in our DNA. His controls will forever be planted in our memory, and for many of us he was our introduction to video games. For over 25 years now he has been jumping on goombas and kicking koopa shells, and yet he still manages to entertain and amaze us with each new game. With Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo perfects the platforming genre and further proves their unmatched talents in gameplay and level design.             When the original Super Mario Galaxy was rel...

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    An interesting combination of old and new. 0

    At first glance, Super Mario Galaxy 2, the latest Mario game, seems to resemble the original Galaxy a lot. In fact, not much has changed between the two games; you will still jump from planet to planet, collecting stars to rescue a princess from Bowser. In fact, the game starts off in almost the same way, recycling the introduction nearly verbatim. However, while Super Mario Galaxy 2 borrows a lot from its predecessor, it still manages to add enough to the formula to be considered a wort...

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    A must own! 0

    This game builds on all the great gameplay mechanics that made Super Mario Galaxy such a joy. The Yoshi mechanics really add some fun and depth to this series. There are multiple exits to levels which can offer branching paths on the top down world maps.If you own a Wii and are reading this site you owe it to yourself to experience this one of a kind platformer....

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    Wii Review – Super Mario Galaxy 2 0

    Super Mario Galaxy was one of the most critically acclaimed titles to grace the Wii console, it was accepted by the fans having sold over eight million copies worldwide, and has won many awards and accolades since its release, including being called the Nintendo Game of the Decade by Nintendo Power. Following up such a title is an unenviable task but it was the challenge set before Nintendo and they have delivered Super Mario Galaxy 2. On first glance, Galaxy 2 looks to be a rehash of the orig...

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    30 stars in and kickin'nass! 0

     I was only gonna throw up an impressions of this. But at 30+ stars in, I think I’ve spent enough time on it to decide if it’s worth owning and therefore giving it a score. Heck, I’ve never finished Galaxy 1, but once I got my initial cluster of stars, I slowed down and only play once in a blue. I’m only at 51 stars in pt.1 and still love it as much as the day I picked it up. Galaxy deuce gets a 9/10 from me. The Good – Everything you loved about Galaxy 1, is back and in most cases,...

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    Mini Review: Mario's return to galactic scale 0

    Super Mario Galaxy refined the SM64 formula to make a great game. Thus the sequel can't quite live up to that but it is still a worthy follow up. I'm not sure if I even need to mention the story but Browser once again captures the princess and Mario must hop onto a borrowed space ship to rescue her. The most obvious addition to this game is Yoshi in his most deadly form yet. Being able to aim his tongue with the wiimote makes any dangerous situation a walk in the park. Along with Yoshi it is po...

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    Quick one 0

    Let me be clear. I respect Mario, but come on Nintendo, get real. Not everyone will agree on this game. if you ask me, I reckon the developers have been out of reality for too long. Don't get me wrong, it's meant to be child friendly since it's made for children, but I couldn't help but feel it may give children the young idea about going out in space without a space suit. Besides, the emulator version didn't get exactly five out of five stars and in my opinion, the total of five may mean two po...

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    Best Game Ever? 0

     Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the sequel to the Wii’s 2007 Game of the year Super Mario Galaxy and the third pure platforming Mario game on the system. Developed and published by Nintendo and using a modified Super Maro Galaxy engine can Mario’s second space voyage be even more stellar than his first? Once again the game opens up during the star festival and Mario getting a letter inviting him to share some Cake with the Princess. Along the way to Peach’s castle Mario finds a little lost Luma,...

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    Mario is Back and better than ever before 0

    Nintendo's mascot is back and better than ever! In Super Mario Galaxy 2 we take control of our old and faithful companion Mario, and in some cases Yoshi too. In this game Bowser is back and Bigger than ever, and he is hungry for revenge. After kidnapping Princess Peach, you once again have to save her by traveling through 6 worlds and collecting power stars. After defeating Bowser once again you unlock a extra world similar to the game "The New Super Mario Bros". Afterwards if you can collect al...

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    Good 0

    This game is very well thought out by the developers.  This is a sequal to Super Mario Galaxy with returing sprites.  This game lets you control the new but old character Yoshi.  There are may puzzles in this good but at time difficult game.  Getting the stars will sometimes be easy and may time hard due to final boss or unsure of what to do.  There is a good tutrial at the very begining of the game.  Over all I am rating this game a 5 out of 5....

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    The Closest Thing to a "perfect game' 0

    I have been a huge fan of Mario since i was at least 4 years old, but honestly i was a bit worried when I heard about Mario Galaxy 2. I felt that this was very odd that Nintendo would release another proper Mario game on the same console. I thought it was just going to be Mario Galaxy with Yoshi and a few new powers... I couldn't been more wrong, and I about to tell you why.  The story is nothing special or new to the Mario franchise... Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser and apparently a...

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