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Is this the worthy successor to Super Mario 64? Yes. This game is amazing. It almost definitely places itself in the category of "greatest games ever" There is nothing mediocre about it whatsoever.

It starts out with Mario going to see Peach during the centennial passing of a comet. While going to the castle, Bowser comes with a fleet of Pirate ships and literally rips the castle out of the ground and pulls it into space. Mario gets knocked off the castle and falls into the orbit of a small "planet" as they call them (though they are more like odd fixtures of items floating around in space) and so begins his mission.

The graphics are incredibly good. Seeing as its all art design, you can definitely tell that they put A LOT of time into this. The water on the LoopdeLoop galaxy or Beach Bowl Galaxy reflect the light of the sun and moves like it actually has a tide and wind. It looks really good
score: 10/10

just like Super Mario 64, Amazing. It is incredibly intuitive with the gravity affect. Some levels with a strong gravity if you jump of the edge of something then the gravity will suck you around the edge and up to the top. This also comes with some problems though. Its occasionally confusing when your upside down because what you think is going forward will send you backwards, but it seldom happens. The controls make the game play even more enjoyable. The easy and intuitive controls make the game even more enjoyable and add to the fun.
score: 10/10

the music is a joy to listen to. On the comet (where you choose your missions) I often find myself humming along to the music and even singing what I think would be good lyrics to the song. With each level having its own specific music, it rarely gets old.
music: 10/10

The levels are completely brand new and have never been thought out in any other game to date. Levels such as the freezyflame and toytime galaxies are incredibly original that range from freezing cold water to mama and climbing giant Bowser toy robots. They are incredibly fun but some levels seem like the producers got a bit lazy. The Gold Leaf galaxy is the Honeyhive galaxy mirrored and the ground is gold. A bit unoriginal if you ask me.
Level design: 9/10

The replay value is very important in this game. It only takes 60 stars to beat the story part of the game, but there are still 60 more to be collected and apparently (I haven't gotten all stars left) you can play through again as Luigi. The comets are also a good way to get you to go back to the level. Among them are the daredevil comet, where you fight a boss with only one health, the Speedy comets, where you beat a certain level within a time limit,
and Purple Comets, which have you collect 100 purple coins within the level. You can also unlock a story that explains how Roselina came to live on the comet, but if you don't want to read that you can skip it completely.
replay value: 10/10

The self-moving camera is a nice burden taken of your shoulders and rarely gets in the way. There are a few bad areas, such as in the Honeyhive galaxy when you climb a ledge, you can only see Mario's silhouette behind a giant tree, times like that are so scarce, it hardly matters.
camera 10/10

Just looking at the scores for each individual topic, you can obviously tell that this game is incredible. As a worthy successor to Mario 64, any Wii owner should get this game no matter what.

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