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Hello fellow gamers! Ben here to announce a brand new feature for the website Giant Bomb dot com. Do you like Mario? Do you like free shit? Well if you answered no to either of those questions I don't understand but you can still watch our new show Get on my Level.

Join two of our resident Mario experts, Dan Ryckert and myself, on a journey where we will try our best to defeat Super Mario Maker 2 levels created by YOU, our wonderful community. Come together to witness us experience the joy of victory and the agony of defeat

Also the agony of deez feet.
Also the agony of deez feet.

Now you're probably wondering "but you said there was free shit," to which I would say "relax buddy I'm going to explain that in this paragraph. Anyone is welcome to supply a level for us to play on the show, and if you manage to create a level that is not bullshit* and we are unable to beat it, you can win a free month of Giant Bomb premium.

In case you were curious what a GB spelled out in coins looks like.
In case you were curious what a GB spelled out in coins looks like.

All you need to do to enter is supply a code here for your level. In order to make sure these are your levels, all we ask is that you make a GB out of coins on the first screen of the game. If Dan and I deem your level to be reasonably fair and we get stumped by it, you're winner!

We will be recording our first episode Friday, July 26 so you have until then to post levels here, but if you don't finish in time fear not because we will gather another grouping of levels sometime after that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

*Bullshit includes, but is not limited to levels that have a super obfuscated solution that we wouldn't reasonably find, and auto scrollers.

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What if we make a super good-ass level that you just really like? Will you guys just be like, "Hey, this was a super good-ass level that we really like"?

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The level code is: LDY D6L Y0H, and it's called "A (Giant) Bombtastic Thwomping". Creator code is 2L1 MNW SGF if the level code doesn't work.

I do hope you enjoy the level though!

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What if we make a super good-ass level that you just really like? Will you guys just be like, "Hey, this was a super good-ass level that we really like"?

According to section IV article 3 of the "Get on my Level Tome of Rules and Regulations" we do reserve the right to award certain levels for creativity.

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So no levels that have been created prior to this post without the coin GB will be accepted, correct?

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@kirbutashi: That's right. It's the most fair way we could come up with to make sure people were submitting their own levels. Feel free to edit an old level and add the GB, though!

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So wait. Auto scrollers are disqualified?

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@benpack: Unfortunately, their upload system does not allow you to edit existing stages and reupload them. You would have to delete the original level—losing all associated comments and maker points in the process—and then upload a fresh version.

Still, worth making something from scratch to stump the crew. Thanks!

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@benpack: Unfortunately, their upload system does not allow you to edit existing stages and reupload them. You would have to delete the original level—losing all associated comments and maker points in the process—and then upload a fresh version.

Still, worth making something from scratch to stump the crew. Thanks!

Oooof! That sucks to hear.

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I too suffer from lack of Mario Maker content in my life. I sit and stare at my switch and the levels just do not happen.

Finally a feature for my fast paced hot garbage lifestyle. Thanks Giant Bomb!

I shall make a level and submit to the whims of old Dan and Pack

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Throwing my hat into the ring with one of those infamous 20 second speed runs! Spent my spare time this weekend putting this one together. This one has a twist inspired by one of my other levels, but I won't spoil what it is. I imagine it's beatable--I mean, I was able to beat it and I'm not great. Then again, I knew what was coming. But I promise there's zero "bullshit"--it's entirely beatable without any secret knowledge!

Course ID:


Good luck!

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I'd ask you to reconsider the stance on GB in coins at the beginning of the level. It makes sense for levels being created going forward, but the only way to do this for levels that have been uploaded already is to either

1) take down the level (losing hearts and plays), make changes and re-upload


2) remake the level from screenshots/inspection of your level

For some reason, unless you copied the level prior to uploading, if you copy a level after uploading it will have an uploaded stamp on it, and even if you make changes, you won't be able to upload it under a different name (the upload button just stays greyed out).

Also, this doesn't stop people from submitting somebody else's community level. GB only indicates that the level was made for GB, not authorship. If you're going to require people to have some sort of a marker in their levels to authenticate authorship, I'd recommend asking people to include their GB username in the description of the level. It's a tighter authentication and doesn't require aesthetic changes to levels.

This said, I love this idea and can't wait to submit my levels regardless of procedure.

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Is GB in coins in the level screenshot sufficient? I have a lot going on at the beginning of my level.

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Hi GB Crew!

Here's my code : XVR-99C-42H

Tricky platform level that will test any Mario Master. It's not impossible tho and has a good few clears on it.

Would be great to see the GB crew give it a go!

Edit : 20 Clears out of 3000 plays. Good Luck!

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HYG-XX1-L5G - Take an Inch! GB Edition

20 second speedrun featuring many different paths and obstacles. Quickly figure out which will give you the boost you need to get to the goal pole in time.

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#18 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3902 posts) -

Will there be a time limit or attempt count that you and Dan will use to determine when you've had enough or will it be based on how you feel about your ability?

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#19 Posted by dekkadekkadekka (906 posts) -

Don't Pick the Flowers GB - PG5-2FS-NDG

The coins are in the preview of the level, hope that's okay.

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Sure, I'll watch Mario Maker levels forever.

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@benpack: I'm going to make one, but honestly I think I'd enjoy it more if you beat my level than get totally stumped by it.

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My nephew would be over the moon if you played one or both we made together!!! Both are a little tricky but very doable


0B4 LQP 42H


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Claws and slides - GB Edition: CRG - H3L - VQG

You can see coins in the beginning of the level and a bit on preview.

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Here is a comprise suggestion: The creator posts “Hello GB” in the comments.

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#27 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1405 posts) -

Hell yes. Super looking forward to this.

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I wonder if I can make Dota 2 in MM2...

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Boss Rush_GB Edition - 71J-765-QWF

The GB in coins is right at the start of the level.

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Cat Racing (GB Version): RPB-YV4-L5G

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I would love to do this without having to recreate my levels. Please consider TheMasterDS' idea of a comment from the creator as an alternative.

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DUDERS! I PLAY SMM2 WITH MY DAUGHTER BECUASE OF Y'ALL. Here is one of the levels we made together.


For a harder challenge, here is the real shit.


Adding GB logo ASAP

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I would have loved to see you try my really short stage There And Back Again which has only been cleared 3 times (in 524 attempts) despite the solution being pretty straightforward.

Obviously I can't edit it though and probably wont get round to making it again so if the GB coins rule happens to change between then and now please check it out :D


Thanks Ben & Dan!

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Oh wicked! Here's mine, first of (hopefully) many GB themed levels, Gusty Bottom I ! M95-HKC-VCG

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#35 Posted by BenRoyTurner (50 posts) -

Hey Duders, I've got two levels that you might be interested in playing for this Mario Maker video thing -

The Dune Sea - 0SR-X8H-6HG

Dune Sea is a Star Wars themed level which has some tough platforming with a Bowser The Hutt boss fight at the end

Mario Royale - BPK-RQ6-5MF

Mario Royale requires you to kill 99 Goombas, hopefully bringing back memories of Murder Island.


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This is a really great way to give people the same kind of experience that the crew can get from having others play their levels. Looking forward to seeing what the community cooks up!

By the way, how will this be recorded? Cross-coast Skype call, or will you (Ben and Dan) both attempt levels individually?

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Hey! I already have a level made that’s reasonably challenging. It’s not super hard and there’s no “gotcha” gimmick. I unfortunately can’t do the GB because I’ve already uploaded the level. However my level has a big A on the thumbnail. It’s an Avengers Endgame themed level so maybe that might be fun to try out


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When you say "bullshit," would that include a puzzle level where the solution would involve needing to know some relatively general knowledge/easy-to-look up facts that exist outside the game?

. . . I actually don't know why I'm asking this, since i don't even own a Switch. But every time I see people make levels with hard-to-figure out solutions I always feel as though I could make a better brain teaser that didn't involve Dan-level bullshit.

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I don't have a level to share but just wanted to say this sounds like a fun feature!

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#40 Posted by Grace_Omega (63 posts) -

Airship Infestation: YLK-8W6-5HF

A short level with lots of spiky bois. Tricky in places but not too hard for Mario pros.

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These three levels each have been reuploaded to include the GB coin insignia on their first screen.

Track Attack [GB Edition]: PDV-PF7-57G

Spin & Span [GB Edition]: MY5-Q1J-S4G (This is an auto-scroller HOWEVER it's very fast; you can finish the level in a minute and it has a checkpoint flag)

Bounce to Trounce (I forgot to include the [GB Edition] in the title for the reupload but it has the coin logo): 7HF-0FK-FSG

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@benpack: Do we have to use coins for the GB or could we make it out of other stuff?

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Big Boo's Jungle Mausoleum: 1GS-554-CKG

Deleted and re-uploaded with a GB. It's the only level I've made that I'm proud of. It's nothing special, and not super challenging, but I think it's a fun, themed level that I hope you guys play!

(Awesome feature idea btw)

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#44 Posted by FlipperDesert (2221 posts) -

Super excited for this, just buckled and got the game!

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This isn't for Ben and Dan, but for you guys. It's the first (and so far only) level I created.


Pumped for this series and hope to see cool ideas. I love Ben and Dan's levels that are challenging, but not just made to make Patrick go crazy!

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Hey! It would be cool if the duders played my level called

DOKIDOKI CHRONIC 2: Forest Flight.


Other than the fact that it is made in the NSMBU game style, it does not contain any bullshit. Enjoy!

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I never really cared for Mario.

Free shit is just more shit to throw out. If you wanted it, you’d have paid for it. Now you’re saddled with clutter.

Those misgivings aside, this sounds like it could be a fun watch!

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Hey Duders! I’ve got a challenging level for you to check out. It’s a self-contained boss fight with a couple phases to sort out. Nothing is impossible or obfuscated — it is very doable! — but it requires near-perfect execution. So far my friend is the only person to have cleared it, though there weren’t many attempts online on the version I had uploaded before I reloaded for you. There is a possible soft-fail, but when you experience it once you’ll immediately realize how to avoid it. Helpful hit: clear as many of the GB coins as you can before the second phase!

Axe to Fall - Giant Bomb Edition: 7WW-VQB-SDF

Super Mario Bros. 3 tile set

Multi-phase boss fight inspired by MMORPGs and SoulsBorne games

Good luck!

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Dancing on Ice - 10Y - MYD - CTF

Not too much bullshit, other than the built-in bullshit that is music blocks.

Hope y'all enjoy it if you play it

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Santa Claws 3: The Escape Claws


Less than a minute long, no checkpoints. Just some nasty jumps. Big ol GB coins right at the start !

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