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#451 Posted by Brazilianrogue (9 posts) -

Hi Ben and Dan!

I think you'll enjoy my level Unsurmountainable:


I reuploaded it for this feature, but before it had about a 10% clear rate, hopefully that's right in the zone for you guys.

Anyways, enjoy!

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#452 Posted by FreddyPancakes (2 posts) -

Just finished my second level:

Harrowing Hardhat Hunt


Not super long or difficult, but I tried to find some interesting uses of the beetle shell hat. Hope you enjoy!

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#453 Posted by yungnixon (13 posts) -

I made a level based on stage 5 of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. I hope you enjoy it! Course ID: 9XG-KGB-9JG

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#454 Posted by ZeroCoin (11 posts) -

Just finished my first level and it had to be GB themed.

Bat vs Knife


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#455 Posted by RobCoffin (6 posts) -

WYN-VQL-MTG the level is called Who Turned Out The Lights? There's no bullshit it's just hard. Enjoy!

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#457 Posted by TransatlanticFoe (1 posts) -

I have a level!

Jeff's Friend, Yoshi


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#458 Posted by Sinni14 (7 posts) -

Hey Ben and Dan! I know you’re both fans of Mega Man, so I made a Mega Man inspired level...


Use your current power-up/item to enter the corresponding room to gain the next power-up/item etc...


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#459 Posted by VirtuaXav (475 posts) -

I haven’t played much of SMM2 yet, but here’s a short level I made. It’s about as hard as I could make it (and still upload it), but I bet one of you could do it!


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#460 Posted by helloiamgary (46 posts) -


Pretty A-maze-ing, if I do say so myself. (Unlike my puns)

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#461 Posted by HellBrendy (1315 posts) -

I guess you would know your level is being played by the notifications in-game

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#462 Posted by smighty (52 posts) -

please play Thwompsgiving. K5X-3RV-TKG... please

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#463 Posted by processr (199 posts) -

I stopped thinking of appropriate names for my levels and started naming them after the last thing I ate. As such, I present Crab Sticks: WKB-BRN-G0H

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#464 Posted by ArmCommander (33 posts) -

I created a second level: Giant Bob-omb Factory.


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#465 Edited by fortran (3 posts) -

Another level with puzzles and stuff, very extremely doable.


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#466 Posted by ToxicAntidote (1155 posts) -

There, I re-uploaded my level, so it's not as unforgiving at the very start. =D

Course ID: WT6-6TH-YFG

Name: Friends of Zed

A level themed around utilizing the spin jump with hard challenges.

No Caption Provided

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#467 Edited by processr (199 posts) -
No Caption Provided

The concept for this level sprung fully-formed into my head the moment I finished my last level. Caped Crusader: 1XS-CMY-02H

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#468 Posted by jd_2120 (5 posts) -


“Swing and see”

Description -: look before you leap

Hope you try it gents.



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#469 Posted by jd_2120 (5 posts) -


“Swing and see”

Description -: look before you leap

Hope you try it gents.



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#470 Edited by jd_2120 (5 posts) -


“Airtight Airship”

One I made earlier but forgot to post on here.



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#471 Posted by jd_2120 (5 posts) -

And a third I made a week or so but only getting around to posting now


“Lava Lava Jumping”

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#472 Posted by ANK2112 (5 posts) -

Made a spinny level!

Id: YQS-B8P-99G

Level name: Spin through the jungle

Description: Spin and Win?

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#473 Edited by laxcat (5 posts) -

First level! (for GB) It's a similar concept of my SMM1 level of the same name. Technically demanding but gives you infinite chances (time providing) to retry each challenge quickly.

"Ice Road Duckers" Keep on duckin'!


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#474 Edited by raptorkitchen (11 posts) -

Hi folks! I would like to submit my level, Battle of the Bullies.


A fun, but fair challenge!

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#475 Posted by Chosthog (9 posts) -

Mr Marios Marvelous Music Quiz

This is a music quiz themed level i created. The start of each round will have an incomplete name of a band and you have to step on top of the platform you think completes the band name. Personally i think Dan would have a better chance completing it as the music is his taste.

Level code is: CKQ-G9T-2TG

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#477 Edited by Keyfire (1 posts) -

Regicide: Gi-Ant Bomb Remix

Level code: PVB-CK9-VYF

I spent (too many) hours creating the feel of Mario going through a giant living ant nest, with denizens reacting to the invasion. Tweaked & re-uploaded with the Commisioner-approved GB cus I just have to see Dan & Ben play it! Big fan of the show

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#478 Posted by CoffeeBob (34 posts) -
No Caption Provided

I made another one! Now, you might think, that doesn't look like plains at all! But it's more so about what lurks in the underground beneath the peaceful Jade Plains. KD2-QT2-92G

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#479 Posted by mercurioc (1 posts) -

No Caption Provided

Repetita Iuvant Bros.

Level code: HMQ-BWY-BKF

Here's a level that I made for you dudes, hope you like it! It's a single-screen layout that changes and becomes harder as long as you progress, had a lot of fun working on this one.

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#480 Edited by dondo (43 posts) -

Here you go boys!

Three Pence None The Richer


It’s a puzzle journey with some light platforming challenges. Enjoy!

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#481 Posted by AmphetamineRush (1 posts) -

Hi, I made an account just to post this level :D It's a little weird and has a different idea for each of the checkpointed areas. Hope you guys have fun with it!

Down & Out in the Mushroom Kingdom


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#482 Posted by dstreelm (15 posts) -


I'm loving Get on my Level...

Here is my latest creation: Funtime Factory


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#483 Posted by Solteras (10 posts) -
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Mario Rearmed


Love this feature!

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