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"Don't look at me!"


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Joy Ride - N4F-44X-2DG

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Thwompsgiving: K5X-3RV-TKG

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Like Downwell? How about Super Downwell?


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Level made just for you guys. It's a tough level but it's mostly just tight platforming and timing. It'd probably be considered super light kaizo. No tricks or gimmicks, just SMB3 platforming.

Deleted the last one I submitted that was probably a lot easier, but it ended up being really janky and had a soft lock.

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I like to think I was inspired by the great Dan Ryckert for this level. Some platforming, little puzzle solving, and a touch of bs.

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finally got around to reuploading my second and probably last level, backtracking: 23W-KDF-BHF

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Specially designed by my wife, built and uploaded by me.

Shell Hath No Fury


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Hey Ben, big fan, it is crucial that you have Dan play this level. It's very pertinent to his anime thank you.

I put giant bomb in the comments you can verify it's my level.

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Build-A-Bridge Bonanza: NQQ-D6R-W1G

A puzzle-platformer level that focuses on crates! The GB is in the upload image for the level so you can verify it was created just for this very feature. Hopefully someone gets some good use out of it!

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Ghosts of GB Past: some fun mini levels forcing Dan/Ben to fight the ghosts of Giant Bomb Past in order to escape the studio and make it home!

Watch out for Mecha-Austin!



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Hey guys! If you want a challenge, try my level “Swirling Sands, Rising Lava.” The challenge isn’t from the multiple coins or branching path, but rather from the platforming skill needed, especially in the first section of the level. Good luck, I think this will stump you guys for sure!!

Swirling Sands, Rising Lava

Course ID:


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Ey up! This is my level "Stare into my eyes..." in which Mario finds himself trapped inside a flying room and has to leap over buzzsaws, avoid firebars and worst of all stare Boos directly in the face, or at the very least get very close to them. The key to this level is to keep calm and not move about too much wile in the rooms. There are also a couple secrets that will help you along the way if you find them.

Have fun!

Course ID: RXX-8BQ-84G

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I made quite a scary level for you guys.

Title: i hear u like scary video games

Course ID: G1C-R6C-3NF


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After trying Oreos with nacho cheese dip, I made a level based on this culinary blessing and the emotions it has bestowed upon everyone around me for whom I have tried to convince to try it out. Hoping Dan will get a kick out of the ending if he tries it.

Delicious Cheese Dip Disaster - 0BM-R0F-58G

(PS: Please refer to me as "they" or "she" if you play my level in a video, thanks!)

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My level is "Foot Race with Koopa the Quick."


(PS--this is my first GB forum post, but I've been a premium member for awhile!)

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Thwomp Palace Ruins

Course ID: 040-RNR-KYF

Please enjoy kudasai Ben-kun and Dan-kun.

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EDIT: Also, I've loved the last two episodes. This has become me and my wife's favourite Mario Maker 2 show! Great work on a great show Ben and Dan!

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Ridin' Thwompy - XD5-1RC-FYG

"It's short!"

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Here's my latest, not too bad as long as you can fly with the cape.

Binghamton Naval Instinct


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Fire Castle

Course ID: 4VN-40P-MGF

I feel like i made a pretty good castle level for you all.

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I played Dan's level "Trapped Under Ice" some time back, and I had a really good time and a lot of fun. So I made a level I'd like for him to play, if it's not too much trouble:

"A Stroll Through The Park"

Good characteristics of this level:

  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Generous with power-ups
  • Really fun to play
  • No bullshit


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Waluigi's Puzzle


So Waluigi wasn't too happy that he didn't get invited to compete in the SSBU tournament (he was relegated to the sidelines). "You're not famous enough" Mario had told him.

But Waluigi and Mario agreed on a wager, if Mario can't find the 3 pink coins in 3 attempts and get out – Waluigi will be allowed to compete in the next SSB tournament. Else, he will once again be invited as a bystander.

For the sake of humanity, don't lose to Waluigi. Else Dan will become a SSB-fan and we will not hear the end of it.

About the level:

  • Super Mario Bros. 3 Castle Theme
  • Uses some randomisation elements
  • Also has a few counters to keep track of plays
  • Medium difficult level that should be completable within 2min by most advanced Mario-players

(There has been some awesome levels posted here – great stuff!)

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Giant Bombs, Tiny Bombs

DN5-W4D- 61G

Long time listener, first time posting in the forums. Enjoy!

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Spikey Slides


Inspired by the Super Mario 64 penguin races, but with spikes.

Love the feature so far!

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Hello friends.

Course ID: 80Q-L37-W9G

Follow the arrows. No trolling.

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Got my 2nd level I've made. A bit easier than the first as well, if that counts for anything, haha.


All of the level is one on small-ish screen split into three different areas, where you up > down > back up and you're done.

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Baffling Bricks!


Be careful which bricks you break and be on the lookout for clues.

Love the show, guys. Keep up the great work!

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My mega-man inspired level... finish a room to get the power-up/item needed to finish the next room.

Keep up the great show guys!

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If Follows: Redux

Course Code: 826-26L-00H

This level was inspired by It Follows, one of my favorite horror movies of the past decade. Mario has to solve puzzles to manipulate the rotten mushroom to safely progress. There are a lot of horror elements, jump scares, and tension-building moments that lead up to a satisfying conclusion. One Patrick Klepek played this on Mario Maker Mornings a few weeks ago and loved it, I think you guys will too.

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No Caption Provided

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Check okay my level. It is called Mario spinball world


It might be on the easy side but I had some fun making it. Hope you enjoy the level.

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Here is my level.


No tricks or puzzles just difficult platforming. Well it was for me but i'm not great at Mario, it might be easy. Have fun.

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Only 1 Hidden Block - Q57-W95-8WG

Dare you jump? You probably should this is jump man we're talking about.

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