SMM2 Community Level Codes

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#451 Posted by JOHN_Callahan_IV (1 posts) -

NMJ-VFM-90G - Team work with yoshi to escape

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#452 Posted by PressLeft (4 posts) -

Here's my level. it's themed as a meteorite crash, and the gameplay gimmick is throwing a shell up to hit a switch so you can finish the jump.


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#453 Posted by Solteras (8 posts) -


It’s the penultimate scene in Bionic Commando for NES. You’ve only got one shot!

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#454 Posted by PeZ (162 posts) -


Tried to do a more vertical layout with emphasis on platforming.

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#455 Posted by Cpt_Morgantown (6 posts) -

6Q1-8MR-52H - 'Mega Manrio'

Tried to make a Mega Man-style boss fighting themed level. Enjoy!

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#456 Posted by PoisonousGARY (3 posts) -


It’s pretty evil but very do-able! Would love to see someone clear it, it’s not Kaizo or anything, just very hard! It’s called “Claw Road”


There are Claws.

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#457 Posted by Jixashauser (282 posts) -

Here's the first level I felt was actually kind of hard to complete.


Currently no one has beaten it but its definitely doable!

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#458 Posted by FloweyNightmare (12 posts) -
No Caption Provided

Plumbing For Exposure - J3H-1K4-FNF

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#459 Posted by RuneHawke (4 posts) -

My early levels are pretty terrible but I think I have become much better.

My most popular levels seems to be:

Gardens of Alexander - F84-Q3W-MYF

[ONE SCREEN PUZZLE] Thwomp Cave - T62-FN2-D1H

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#460 Edited by Giusepped_13 (1 posts) -

I just uploaded my first course and I'm pretty proud of it! Check out "a very Vegas summer!" If you get a chance. 2Q6-V3H-MFF

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#461 Edited by deeskrad (1 posts) -

Scary Name, Easy level

Enter Bowserdrome: 2NL-KWF-YRF

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#462 Edited by Jaalmo (1752 posts) -

First go at it. Definitely not perfect but I thought the concept was cool.


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#463 Posted by loserdork (51 posts) -

This is my level is about how babies are made...


No Caption Provided

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#464 Posted by sawuinhaff (4 posts) -

KSW-4JG-STF - Another poison mushroom nightmare.

BDT-31M-GCG - A night time ice level.

N9P-3MW-HHG - A level with lots of bones.


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#465 Posted by stopkillnkenny (35 posts) -

Rainbow Theme - BB4-30B-0NF

Made for my niece, shes only 7

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#466 Edited by Solteras (8 posts) -

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#467 Posted by IcecreamNSadness (2 posts) -


a mean 20 second level

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#468 Posted by Cpt_Morgantown (6 posts) -

Another Mario Maker level! This one's a little different. Indulge in some breaking and entering.
Smooth Criminal: HVR-7HJ-50H

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#469 Posted by BobsYurUncle (6 posts) -

Two levels designed around speedrunning:

Vine and Dine

ID: 608-5P5-92G

Difficulty: Medium

Hard and Fast


Difficulty: Expert

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#470 Posted by deadno0b (14 posts) -

My first level: R0G-VP3-VWG

A little platforming with a somewhat strict time limit.

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#471 Posted by Phoenicika (7 posts) -


ID: KH9-1XV-25G

SMB 1-2 meets inception. Has some hard jumps, but they're mostly quick to retry.

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#472 Posted by Elektrik54 (1 posts) -

Using my first ever GB forum post to pimp my first MM2 level:

A Mario Between Worlds


Inspired by the light and dark world format of Link to the Past and other Nintendo games.

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#473 Posted by mrkingjaydee (53 posts) -

Hey guys, just uploaded a new traditional desert level. It's the NSMBU style. Let me know what you think :)


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#474 Edited by joechatfield (1 posts) -

Actually good (I hope) metroidvania level that I spent far too long on:

Mariovania in Mushroom Caverns

Bullshit hard puzzle level that no-one has completed yet:

Try-cicle Switchin' it up!

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#475 Posted by jayj1601 (1 posts) -

Check my courses,

Easy: R6R-T1D-SPF (buzz beetle shell level) Buzz Beetle Shell

Not so hard: GBH-14L-80G (Not so hard, dont know how to explain the level) Not so hard

medium: LGD-TCF-78G (Just Play, dont know how to explain the level xD) Just Play

hard: SPS-VPB-KGD (Spin jump etc without checkpoint ) Heaven and hell

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#476 Posted by Mike83 (36 posts) -

Just ordered Mario Maker.... my first level is getting made just for this thread :D

I also look forward to going through and trying some from here.

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#477 Posted by cubist2 (12 posts) -

Hello, please enjoy my level Bob-omb Bank Bust!


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#478 Posted by Geitnerbahn (6 posts) -

I finally got around to making a level. I was going for a traditional style level for SMW. 8FL-3C6-R1H

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#479 Posted by SuperGary (62 posts) -

Hi everyone,

I made a level inspired by the Get on my Level series started by Ben and Dan. It is a 30 second speed run level in 3D World involving transporting bob-ombs using clear pipes to advance through the level. I would say it offers a decent challenge without being too difficult.

GB’s Get on my Level: Parabellum : RS2-SGM-RSG

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#480 Posted by MoistJohn (279 posts) -


A level inspired by the feeling you get of deja Vu


Inspired by stranger things where you cross back and forth between dimensions to get to the end.

I worked pretty hard on both, so I hope you like them!

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#481 Posted by s2hogan (11 posts) -


I tried making one of those 20 second speed run levels. You’re going to want to utilize the second red bullet


A tribute to everyone’s second favorite CBS product, Survivor. It’s got it all: marooning, challenges, camp life, hidden immunity idols, TWO tribal councils! If you’re able to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast you’ll find win the prize coins!

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#482 Posted by Yometric21 (2 posts) -

Here is my first level, hope you enjoy.


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#483 Posted by FloweyNightmare (12 posts) -

Took the concept of a Mario Maker police state to its logical conclusion (don't worry, there is a real level past the intro :P )

No Fun Allowed! - 3QX-5FL-B4G

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#484 Posted by mrkingjaydee (53 posts) -

I wanted to make an easy traditional level everyone can enjoy. The clear rate as of now is 30%. Hope you guys like it!

Multiverse : 1-4 Pipe Land

Level ID: 3VB-148-G0H

Game Style: SMB3

Theme: Forest

Difficulty: Easy/Normal (Depending on the player)

Description: A traditional type of level

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#485 Posted by Dew (194 posts) -

A vertically-oriented level with some platforming challenges


I think it's my best level yet

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#486 Posted by mrkingjaydee (53 posts) -

Solve IT! Boo's House
ID: 9KG-855-WGF Style:
SMW Theme: Ghost House
Difficulty: Normal/Hard (Depending on the player)
Description: A puzzle-solving level. It has 6 small rooms with a key to collect at the top of each one. It's not difficult if you are patient.
Enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed whether it's positive or negative!

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#487 Posted by klb (113 posts) -

Monty's Marauders [GB]

Monty Mole and his pals have come to ruin Mario's day.


I've been working on this for a few days, and mostly happy with it as a first attempt at an airship level. I made it for the feature (it's not bullshit), but I hope someone can play it and let me know what they think. I'll happily repay the favour!

I've got a copy saved so can I edit it if there's any glaring faults!

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#488 Edited by JoeyMopps53 (1 posts) -

My first 3 levels I ever made they get harder as they go on

Name: Jimmys day off

Code: 4RQ-4DJ-7QG

Name: Dashie gets puhd on

Code: CS7-1D6-60H

Name: Nosferatu

Code: 97R-TD0-TLF

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#489 Edited by klb (113 posts) -

@dew: Really enjoyed that. I struggled on a few of the jumps (first triple saw jump, and the tight vine drop before the slope), and let it be known as the slowest world record ever haha.

@mrkingjaydee: Cool theme, I think you nailed the difficulty. Trying to make enjoyable and doable levels is weirdly difficult!

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#490 Edited by validvalueJ (6 posts) -

Name: Double Rainbow Twirlathon.



STYLE: Sky level.


Use Pirahna Plants to cover gaps. One of my favorites Ive made.

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#491 Edited by Dew (194 posts) -

@klb: thanks for playing!

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#492 Edited by colourful_hippie (5913 posts) -

Hey guys this is a short flying (with cape) level I made as a reupload from Mario Maker 1. Hope you guys enjoy!


And here's my first Mario 3D World level where I tried to make a standard Mario level with fire and ice themes.


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#493 Posted by Locclo (34 posts) -

Hope cross-posting with the Get On My Level page isn't frowned upon. This one was a bastard to upload, but fortunately you guys get the benefit of the checkpoints. Wanted to try my hand at a Mario 3D World level, and came up with this.

Treasure of the Mad Pharaohs


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#496 Edited by Oblek1 (14 posts) -

I finally had some time to make a level and thought I’d share it with the community! It’s a pretty standard platforming level with a light to medium difficulty (in my opinion) that uses the SMB tile-set. My goal was to make a fun, visually appealing level that most people would be able to finish - hope you like it!

Forest Island Escape!

ID: 198-0LR-XVG

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#497 Posted by olssonm (6 posts) -


Waluigi's Puzzle

A medium difficult level that uses some more advanced counters and randomisers to keep the player on their toes =D

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#498 Edited by Adrian6765 (1 posts) -

This is a recreation from my first level from the 3DS SMM

GH6 M10 X5G

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#499 Edited by oneangryzeus (61 posts) -

Hello friends.

Course ID: 80Q-L37-W9G

Follow the arrows. No trolling.

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#500 Posted by Ecosse (20 posts) -

My first level, wish I had put in some more coins to help guide a bit better.

Nothing too complex.

"Jump Around, Then Take A Ride"


Next one I made was for Get On My Level and was the second level on the first episode.

"Slice & Dice Donuts"


Next one just needs to keep spinning!



Made another spin based level, much harder but does have a checkpoint.

"Spin 2"


The next one is has a minor puzzle element

"The Vault"


Last one I have made so far is a 20s speedrun with on/off switches.

"Escape From The Vault"


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