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#351 Posted by ragbag (58 posts) -

This level takes only 10 seconds to complete so it'll be pretty simple: DS6-H3S-7CG

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#352 Posted by MeatsofEvil (172 posts) -

Just uploaded my first course in SMM2, it's a keep off the ground style level, a little tough


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#354 Posted by UncleJam23 (13 posts) -

It's called Ghost Ride The Whip. You ride your whip on some ghosts. I learned how to read and write and went through years of schooling and life experiences so I could get to the point where I could make that joke. Also, there's a twist at the end.


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#355 Posted by Dew (191 posts) -

My first ever Mario Maker level. I tried to keep it short and simple, with some basic jump challenges. Don't judge too hard. Feedback is welcomed.


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#356 Posted by McFace (8 posts) -

Here is my first level. Make sure to get all the red coins and to kill the bosses.


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#357 Posted by outlawed (50 posts) -

Action Breakout!

Level ID: XBY-V6F-1NF

Style: SMB

Theme: Sky

Difficulty: Normal

Try your hand at an arcade classic block breaker with a Mario twist.

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#358 Edited by nicolasvh (122 posts) -

Just finished Snowy Poo - a challenging level but not crazily challenging. Psst... lots of alternative risk/reward routes.

Would love to get some feedback as this is my first level I've created.


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#359 Posted by totsboy (501 posts) -

Tried my hand at a short SCHMUP level =)

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#360 Posted by totsboy (501 posts) -

@dew: That was really cool, challenging but not too hard, great job!

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#361 Posted by TheBootlegSaint (37 posts) -

Blast From The Past

Travel back in time to stop the apocalypse from happening.


This is my first attempt at making a fun, easy to play level. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging check out my other levels. My maker ID is DS3-X2N-H9G.

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#362 Edited by Frigogidaire (30 posts) -

Here's an updated version of my level. I consider myself not good at Mario (I struggle to beat any level marked as difficult). But it turns out that the average SMM2 player is seriously casual judging by the low clear rate on my level. You guys will beat it easily after a few retries at most.


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#363 Edited by dustbusta (1 posts) -

Hey I finally got my email confirmation re-sent! WOOHOO! Here's a little red coin collecting level I made last night. It's not Dan levels of mean, but it's not very nice. I'm sorry. The 4 Chambers: BTK-4TD-C2H

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#364 Posted by YummyTreeSap (1218 posts) -

Ok folks, I reuploaded my previous level because someone found away through that was too drastically different from my intentions. I thought, "I never add coins to my levels" and then doing such really broke a P-switch section.

And so, here is the bugfixed, harder version of my piece of shit level, "Oops, All Bad Jumps!"


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#365 Posted by chedominik (2 posts) -


It is way friendlier than the one I uploaded before. Some light puzzles but the platforming is not too rough. Hope you enjoy it.

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#366 Posted by FloweyNightmare (9 posts) -
No Caption Provided

I made a somewhat intense level with my favorite enemy, Banzai Bill!



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#367 Posted by Candivore (23 posts) -

I'd rather be jelly fishing


Style: SMW

Theme: Underwater

Difficulty: Normal

Spongebob themed if you couldn't guess. Is it good? Not really, but it's my first level and fans might get a kick out of it.

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#368 Edited by shadexx7 (9 posts) -

I've been making some levels based on shrines from Breath of the Wild!

Breath of the Shroom: Magnesis C3S-5HR-3MG

Breath of the Shroom: Stasis QPN-SWT-9HG

Breath of the Shroom: Bomb Trial 8LS-FYQ-YRF

Magnesis and Stasis are pretty straightforward, Bomb is definitely a bit trickier!

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#369 Edited by cubist2 (9 posts) -
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#370 Posted by BobsYurUncle (5 posts) -

Treetop Turmoil


SMW Exploration/Puzzle/Yoshi level. Intermediate Difficulty.

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#371 Posted by Sham (5 posts) -

Just made my first it's a start i guess.

MML-5BP-GPG moonshot


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#373 Posted by chriskelly123 (173 posts) -

9Y3-SYK-DWF - level based around trampets... I thought it was pretty tricky but let me know if I can do better (worse)!

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#374 Edited by 49th (3910 posts) -

'Touch Coin, Move Thwomp' Trials


It's a series of puzzles built around moving Thwomps around to clear a path through each room. I haven't seen anyone go quite as in depth with this mechanic as I have! There is also a secret room/exit that requires 3 hidden actions to access.

I'd love for someone to try it!

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#375 Edited by andjello (6 posts) -

Here is my 3rd level.

Boom Boom's Treacherous Castle


Its a somewhat traditional designed SMB 3 castle level. Difficulty is probably hard but hard in a normal mario level way and not a kaizo way. I was going for a late game castle level feel.

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#376 Posted by thunderkat1 (59 posts) -

A level with rising water and a vertical swimming section.


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#377 Posted by D_W (1857 posts) -

A new level has been completed. It is a study of bombs.


It's all about things you can do with bombs, on/off blocks, and bill launchers in SM1.

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#378 Posted by ClintDriftwood (41 posts) -

MQ1-4BX-CKG - First level, messing around with a BladeRunner theme.

QFL-FW0-WSF - Small switch run with a Bowser boss fight.

F25-0KG-50H - Underwater themed level, red coin colletion.

7YN-GBD-25G - First 20 second level, pretty easy.

L7G-6DV-8QG - My attempt at a "Dan Bullshit" level. Took a while to upload...

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#379 Posted by Superharman (306 posts) -

This has probably been done before but...I decided to adapt Sen’s Fortress from Dark Souls.

BowSen’s Fortress: WC4 7FT 6RG

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#380 Posted by Jaymii (197 posts) -

It didn't go as planned, took far too long for what it is, and resulting weirdness makes me have no idea if it's good or not. But at least it's uploaded. My first level on SMM2...

The Keeper: 35T-JR0-V1G

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#381 Posted by northcitynoise (3 posts) -

Here’s a couple levels I had a lot of fun making:

Piano Man (Spooky Blues) S0R-FXP-YLG

The Island of Dr. Mario PS2-GY7-QPF

Both levels involve some puzzle solving (the 2nd one more than the first) and contain some tricky platforming sections, but they aren’t Ryckert level impossible haha. I tried to make them challenging but at the same time fun and doable. The 2nd one is a little more polished. Hope you will give it a try, have fun!

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#382 Posted by platycus (1 posts) -

Made a few levels so far. Would love any plays or feedback you have. Its so hard to get a level out of the zero play graveyard if you don't have friends to get it started.

Claw-Backwoods is a Super Mario U level, pretty straight forward . LMD-NYQ-XTG

Just Another Evening Commute is a 3d World koopa car level , which no one but me seems to like. 82L-6T8-4MF

Another Claw-bstacle Course is my newest, a Super Mario World level. This is probably the hardest of the 3. It has multiple paths though most sections and might even be multiplayer viable. C3J-9KL-Y1G

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#383 Posted by krazySmoke (2 posts) -

I just finished this hope you guys like it.


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#384 Posted by Londari (6 posts) -

Just made a slightly puzzley level themed around a simple question

52F-PSW-Q6G -- What's down there?

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#385 Edited by xbayyx (20 posts) -

Much easier level than my last one. Still has a difficult spot or two, but there's a checkpoint this time!

Floating Islands KX7-5V2-R6G

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#386 Posted by fatmanpalmer17 (31 posts) -

Made another level with multiple branching paths of varying difficulty/length. Wanted to reward both exploration and PRO MOVES with powerups and fun stuff. Tricky in spots, but usually only when you want to work hard for the good stuff. Hope you like it!

Mt. Whiteclaw: WCG-XH2-BRG

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#387 Posted by Sublime50lbc (17 posts) -
No Caption Provided

I made the first Contra level.


This is the run, guys.

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#388 Posted by nicolasvh (122 posts) -

My girlfriend was intrigued by me making (too difficult) SMM2 levels, so she took away my Switch and spent the last 10 hours or so creating her very first own level.


She's a bit sad that only 3 people played her course so far (besides me), so any new try would give her joy. Thanks! :)

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#389 Posted by warcode (1 posts) -

Lava Tide: 5DS-4GR-19G

This was somewhat easy during creation and upload, but now I can't finish it any more. Must be cursed.

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#390 Edited by emanc93 (33 posts) -

Bower JR to the Skies: K8H-JMJ-80H

This is a level where you have to get past some hammer bros, unlock the flying vehicle, and then destroy Bowser JR. Shorter level with an initially challenging platforming section.

A mushrooms life: PQ9-NBM-4KF

You have to try and get the mushroom to the end of the level so can you take damage and cross the finish line. Short and sweet. Gotta be quick

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#391 Posted by WileyS (123 posts) -

I would really appreciate it if some of you fine folks would try out my level. It's tough, but nothing crazy.


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#392 Posted by Dew (191 posts) -

Take 2, my second level


it's a short little puzzle level

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#393 Posted by pearsonpark (46 posts) -

“The Bees in the Storage Unit”:


Tough but fair vertical platforming

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#395 Posted by BDKMat (30 posts) -

Gimmickless 2: Sky


Just a standard-style SMB3 level.

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#396 Edited by MisterCrow (68 posts) -

Yay one of these threads! Here's one I did. It's an easy, short level with some light exploration. Should be pretty easily beatable, though I'm surprised by the low clear rate. Enjoy!

Thwomp Run


I wrote a Bash script that 'crawls' the ResetEra Mario Maker 2 thread and parses out every unique course id that was posted; 1.5k as of this morning! I can probably modify it and run it over this thread, if anybody is interested. I mean it's only 8 pages but it could be useful. I won't be able to do it until Friday or later though, since I'm out on a business trip until then. Quote or DM me if interested!

Edit: Here's the Era course list in Pastebin.

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#397 Posted by dwerkmd (72 posts) -



Dark Depths


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#398 Edited by GilbertMordinAndSullivan (466 posts) -

“The Thwomps Start Thwomping”

A tricky level with lots of Thwomps, who would like to thwomp you. Fast and short. As Jeff Gerstmann would say: “doable”.


And if you’d like to be in pain, try out “The Tunnel Through the Tide” - in which the rising lava will kill you if you don’t execute perfectly.


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#399 Posted by Duffman96 (1 posts) -


My first level ever if you are looking for a challenge!

0 clears on 498 attempts currently

Does this level make me a monster?

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#400 Posted by FloweyNightmare (9 posts) -

Made a course based on vikings and viking mythology, where you have to fight through a viking stronghold, take a boat trip down a dangerous Norwegian river and finally defeat Loki Koopa in Åsgard.

Plumbers vs. Vikings - FXQ-8B5-LYF

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