Do you leave comments in Mario Maker?

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Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) 3 years, 5 months ago

Poll: Do you leave comments in Mario Maker? (28 votes)

Regularly! 25%
Occasionally! 54%
Never! 21%

One nice feature of Mario Maker is the ease of offering feedback through leaving comments and awarding levels stars. You can do this at any point during a level and are given the prompts to do so whenever you finish a level.

I get a fine amount of stars but don't have tons of comments on my levels. But at least the options are upfront for people who do want to comment.

Personally I make an effort to leave comments and stars when I have enjoyed something or when I see something that can be improved.

I was wondering if other people engage with this at all? I like receiving comments so figure it's cool to do that for others and hopefully be constructive.

Yesterday I saw a level that had two comments on it that both said 'This sucks'. Which isn't going to help anyone! So I try and add general advice like 'too easy' or 'too random'. For things I enjoyed I'll try and be specific like 'cool puzzle' or 'well placed checkpoint'.

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#1 Posted by deactivated-5b531a34b946c (1251 posts) -

Yup. I definitely star way more than I comment, but if I see a level that does a lot of stuff right or has a bunch of cool puzzles, I'll leave a comment saying what I enjoyed. There's also been a couple of themed levels where the theme was so on point I had to comment on it. One I remember vividly used the SMB3 Underground theme as a space level and it was all so on point.

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#2 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2068 posts) -

After about 5 hours of play time I haven't commented once, however I am liberal with stars if the level was enjoyable.

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#3 Posted by MissAshley (639 posts) -

I only comment occasionally because of the auto-starring. I know it's possible to comment on a person's level thread without starring the level, but it's a pain in the ass.

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