DRLOTY 2015 Voting

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Poll: DRLOTY 2015 Voting (221 votes)

"Perilous Pits" by DanRyckert 0%
"Castle Keepyourtail" by DanRyckert 0%
"Wood Zeppelin" by DanRyckert 1%
"Ladder to Floor 2" by DanRyckert 0%
"The Giant Bomb Level" by DanRyckert 26%
"Mario's Jailbreak" by DanRyckert 7%
"Yoshi's Many Sacrifices" by DanRyckert 3%
"Spikeshoe Plains" by DanRyckert 5%
"The Giant Bomb Level 2" by DanRyckert 6%
"The Ryckoning" by DanRyckert 17%
"The Klepokalypse" by DanRyckert 7%
"The Armageddan" by DanRyckert 27%

It's that time of year again! Vote for your favorite Dan Ryckert Level! Only one can become the DRLOTY 2015! Which will it be? The Original Giant Bomb Level? The reasonably balanced Mario's Jailbreak? The stage made for charity that does not know charity, the Ryckoning? Or perhaps the Kleppek Ender, the Inscrutabrad Stage, The 500 Second Streicher, The Level The Monks Fortoldan, the one, the only, The Armageddan.

Look back January 1st to see which level is the DRLOTY 2015. Good luck to all of the nominees!

Dan Ryckert Levels created after December 16th are not eligible but will be considered for DRLOTY 2016

2016 Edit: The results are in! By a 1% margin The Armageddan by DanRyckert is the DRLOTY for calendar 2015! Congratulations to the winner and to the other nominees it's an honor to be nominated.

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#1 Posted by chilibean_3 (2371 posts) -

They're all bad.

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#2 Posted by TheMasterDS (2978 posts) -
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#3 Posted by Dalai (7869 posts) -

Mario's Jailbreak is probably his best level. Every other level he made after that is an unimaginable hellscape.

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#4 Posted by monetarydread (2888 posts) -

THe armageddan is a terrible creation, so thats my vote. I can't wait to see whats next.

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#5 Posted by TheMasterDS (2978 posts) -

Yeah, The Armageddan is Dan's ultimate level. It's him giving Kleppek no quarter whatsoever. Patrick will not only need to solve tons of puzzles, he'll need to execute them perfectly to get through it within the 500 seconds. I don't think he's capable of that. I can't wait to watch that.

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#6 Posted by Menibenes (21 posts) -

"The Giant Bomb Level" , of course) And what considers the last votes, I think that you just overshot from the target


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#7 Posted by hassun (9946 posts) -

I like this poll.

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#9 Edited by AwakePlace (4 posts) -

The Giant Bomb Level was my favorite because of Giant Bowser chasing them through the level and hitting the P switch while you're on the bridge. It's a way better alternative than a scrolling level.

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#10 Posted by chu52 (701 posts) -

I disagree with the giant bomb levels being by Dan Ryckert. They are by all of us edited by Jeff's selections of things to say. Then built by the dumb hands of an idiot.

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#11 Edited by Atwa (1690 posts) -

All are genuinely bad, refuse to vote.

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#12 Edited by ollieg_94 (193 posts) -

"Wood Zeppelins" is genuinely well designed and fun to play, so that gets my votes. The others aren't really levels, more gateways into the warped imagination of a tragic soul.

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#13 Posted by ajamafalous (13816 posts) -

Spikeshoe Plains and Yoshi's Many Sacrifices are genuinely good levels.

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#14 Posted by clagnaught (2115 posts) -

Whoops. I clicked the wrong one.

My heart, mind, and spirit says The Giant Bomb Level. My mouse says Yoshi's Many Sacrifices.

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#15 Edited by TheMasterDS (2978 posts) -

Man this is super close. We'll have to figure out who gets to be the decider should it go to a draw percentage wise. Hmmm. Who indeed. Suggest who should have the deciding vote should it go to a draw!

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#16 Posted by Death_Metalist (149 posts) -

The first GB level. For how random it was, it's amazing how coherent and tight everything fell into it's place with cool unintended ways to skip parts of the level.

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#17 Posted by TheMasterDS (2978 posts) -

I believe tomorrow at midnight Central Time (Chicago time in honor of Patrick who loves all these levels) a winner will be crowned. Get your votes in now!

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#18 Edited by TheMasterDS (2978 posts) -

And it is finally time to crown a winner! Unfortunately both The Armageddan and The Giant Bomb Level are tied at 27% of the vote. Which one won? Impossible to say. We will need a tiebreaker vote. I am invoking the winner of the Armageddan bet @danryckert to decide.

Edit: Since last night last minute voters have turned a tie into a 1% lead for The Armageddan so it wins. Congrats!

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