If you guys thought Dan's level was insane check out the Pit of Panga

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Course ID: BC5E-0000-00D4-CD7C

Probably one of the most insane level I have ever seen.

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Oh here is the VOD of the creator beating it:


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That is terrifying. How is a person supposed to figure that out, short of watching the video? Even seeing it done doesn't seem like it would help.

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Panga made a more difficult level than this but it took him like 40 hours just to submit the thing iirc. You beat it the same way you beat any other hard platformer level, by doing the same thing over and over for ages (why people enjoy this is beyond me); though having a video guide helps.

Also Dan isn't a particularly skilled person, just an evil one; so his methods are more interesting than just fine tuning masochism.

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