More DLC/Updates you'd like to see in Super Mario Maker?

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As many of us know, Nintendo has done a good job updating Giant Bomb's 2015 GOTY with new features for game creators to add into their levels, such as checkpoints, keys and key coins, fire clown cars, more amiibo costumes and skewers. While all of these updates are welcome, are there any other updates or DLC that you would like Nintendo to still add to Super Mario Maker?

Personally, I'd like two things. One, shake the Hammer Bros to turn them into the Boomerang Bros and shake again to turn them into the Fire Bros from SMB3. Hammer Bros are already challenging enemies, but it would be cool for SMM to bring back the Boomerang and Fire Counter Parts and perhaps utilize their abilities to add something new (or make something really aggravating) into the levels and see these enemies in the different styles.

Two, at most 2 new course themes would be welcome for creators to play around with. Maybe a Desert theme would be nice (don't know about the Sun coming back). Another background to include would be what I'd like to call Above Water. Remember the Big Bertha levels from SMB3 or Yoshi's Island 4 from SMW? Those are the levels I'm thinking of where you can do traditional platforming above the water but swim on the water surface. Maybe that could be a possibility for Giant Bomb to make a level involving water somewhat. Probably add Big Bertha too by giving a Cheep Cheep a mushroom. For the record, I haven't heard anything about Nintendo saying they will or will not consider adding new course themes in the future.

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Yeah, the additional Bro enemies is a good idea and I would really like a theme that could incorporate water in "parts" of a stage. Preferably the water level could be set at different heights, or even be made to go up and down at different intervals. Though these additions feel like something that is more likely to be added in a sequel, since it would require them to redesign some of the interface, probably.

In fact most ideas I have, like more vertical levels...or more enemies or mini bosses such as Booom Booms etc. or a bunch of suits (building a level around the temporary invincibility mechanic of the tanooki suit sounds cool), or about a million other little gimmicks from the original games that aren't in yet, feel like things that they probably won't (or could) implement until a full on sequel is out.

I'd be down for them adding Fire/Boomerang Bro's, that seems pretty #Doable within the rules they've set for themselves (shaking already existing items rather than making place for new ones) but if they are close to closing the book on MM updates in favor of making a really awesome second iteration, then I'm stoked for that too.

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Hills/slopes. Mario 3 and SMW had them, they'd be a great addition to the game. I've also noticed I tend to make very square levels, so gettings non-square parts would be a welcome addition. I'd also like to see more enemies. It wasn't until I went back to SMW that I noticed how much is missing in the game. I know Mario 2 is a weird game but I'm a big fan of Phantos (my first level was inspired by them) so I'd love to see them in the game now that we have keys.

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@mocbucket62 nailed it. different bro type enemies and the big bertha levels are exactly what I want as well. I wanted to make half water half land levels so bad, it's really disappointing that they're not currently in the game.

A desert level plus an angry sun enemy would be nice too.

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I wouldn't mind the inclusion of new themes such as desert and snow. More enemies like the ones you mention would be nice, and perhaps fuzzies. They should also change back to the old P-switch physics pre last update.

Something I would really like which I think is probably beyond this version of the game would be changing tile sets within a level. For example, the main world could be Super Mario World, but if you go in a pipe the sub-world might be Super Mario Bros. It would make for some interesting blend of ideas and mechanics.

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