Patrick Klepek attempted to play the Giant Bomb level this morning

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#51 Posted by SgtSphynx (2616 posts) -

His reaction when he hits the pipe that sends you back to the beginning was perfect.

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#52 Posted by doctordonkey (1818 posts) -

I miss Patrick.

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#53 Posted by riostarwind (1355 posts) -

I couldn't have asked for a better steam than this. The fact that Patrick fell for all the traps just made it better.

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#54 Posted by Animasta (14948 posts) -

I miss Patrick.

patrick and vinny was the true best QL combo

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#55 Posted by Jellybones (327 posts) -

Every false exit. Oh man, that was everything I was hoping for and more.

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#56 Edited by poser (747 posts) -


Maybe I`m just at the stage of my life where I don`t like things that are chaotic.... But holy shit! ...This whole thing just makes Mario Maker seem like a broken a video game.If they had an economy system of some sort it would prevent custerfuck levels like this. I don`t own a Wii U, but I`m pretty sure that this is the ONLY type of level that exists in Mario Maker. We live in a age where giving players all the tools and making them happy in the short term, is more important than intelligent game design. I blame capitalism.

On a side note I miss Patrick.

Also I bet Mario Maker wins GOTY on this site.

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#57 Edited by hassun (9946 posts) -

You know what to do.

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#58 Edited by samcotts (2433 posts) -

This was great. The way he broke down each section and created his own strategy was impressive and fun to watch, especially knowing how randomly thrown together the level was. It's actually a pretty good tough level considering, at least the ghost house part.

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#59 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

These bowser trampoline strats are amazing.

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#60 Edited by Zeik (5192 posts) -

@poser: This is the nature of all user created content. It is impossible to simultaneously give users the proper tools and freedom to create and share and also make sure every level you play is amazing and perfect.

If that's not what you want then you should not play a game called "Mario Maker". You should play the hundreds of other professionally made Mario games that exist and will continue to exist.

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#61 Posted by myketuna (1959 posts) -

It's funny how he used the cloud to skip the second part, while avoiding the cape in the first part. I did the exact opposite. I did it the "real" way for the second part, but skipped the ice blocks and saws on the first one. I also enjoyed how he dealt with Bowser. Odd way of handling him, but it worked and it was pretty funny watching him repeatedly do it.

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#62 Edited by ArtisanBreads (9107 posts) -

I like the "Bowser chasing you" aspect to the level. I think you could do something cool with that. The time when it hit the P-Blocks was funny.

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#63 Posted by Fram (1852 posts) -

Patrick's streams were joyous. I'm totally going to beat this level when I get home from work tonight!

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#64 Posted by BisonHero (11575 posts) -

@artisanbreads said:

I like the "Bowser chasing you" aspect to the level. I think you could do something cool with that. The time when it hit the P-Blocks was funny.

Yeah, Bowser being his Nemesis was a really funny aspect of the stream.

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#65 Posted by Gruebacca (813 posts) -

Lol. Actually seeing this level being played and attempted at honestly taught me that the level isn't too bad. It's not completely random chaos, but it's chaos nonetheless. It rewards persistence, good pacing, and calculated effort. There are also many different strats to beating the first half of the level, so that's cool.

Overall, this level is fun to watch.

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#66 Edited by ExK4 (118 posts) -

I managed to beat the level on what I'd guess was my fiftieth try. Using the cape to fly in both the first and second sections makes it a whole lot easier. With the combination of Bowser chasing you down and the Lakitus the most important thing is to keep moving.

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#67 Posted by YummyTreeSap (1204 posts) -

Patrick hitting that invisible block on the P-block bridge multiple times was preeeetty great.

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#69 Edited by bceagles128 (788 posts) -

Very cool and impressive to see Patrick experiment his way through the level blindly. Miss that guy.
@poser said:


Also I bet Mario Maker wins GOTY on this site.

No chance. It will be MGS or something that hasn't come out yet. Even Jeff has said that he prefers MGS to Mariomaker.

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#70 Posted by Baal_Sagoth (1602 posts) -

@peezmachine said:

Watching Patrick play this level made me realize how many GREAT THINGS it offers. I know the level was supposed to be a random-ish nightmare, but there are some parts of it that feel impossibly well designed.


This is an excellent and surprising analysis of the level and a glorious plaidoyer for videogames simply being the best!

Well done - such a joy to read!

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#72 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2998 posts) -

This was fantastic.

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#73 Edited by kraine (40 posts) -

Dan, Drew, and Jeff have been playing these kinds of games for almost literally their entire lives, and were making of point of tweaking things as they went along to keep the obstacles still possible to navigate if you know what you're doing, and then towards the end they were explicitly talking about going back making sure this stuff was actually balanced they way they wanted.

The Bowser chase aspect of the level was a complete accident, and that's the part that makes a lot of things great, but the fact that this level turned out so well isn't so much of a coincidence as people might initially assume.

Speaking of which, @devil240z:The times when Dan succeeded at the spin jump he was small Mario. The way that last thwomp in the sequence is spaced doesn't give you enough room to initiate the spin when you're tall without getting hit. If you rewatch the stream you can see Dan himself get caught by this a few times too. I think. I might be miss remembering.

Edit: I do think the second lakitu throwing hammer bros. was a major mistake, though.

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#74 Posted by Fram (1852 posts) -

Finally beat this damn stage. Seeing it done on a stream is one thing...

I'd like to thank Patrick for inspiring me to continue in my darkest times.

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#75 Edited by ArtisanBreads (9107 posts) -

@peezmachine: I missed your post at the start of the thread, good talk through the level.

The Bowser thing is awesome. A moment I really love is how he comes into the musical block area. I don't know what it is about the layout but he just seemed to really leap onto there and come out of nowhere. It made me nervous every time around that obstacle because he could just leap down from off screen and take Patrick out. Plus the fireballs at times made things just insane. I hope people do more with that idea. Maybe keep it rolling for the next community level! Every recommend Bowser!

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#76 Posted by CatsAkimbo (792 posts) -

This was one of the best things I've watched in a long time. The level turned out really well; there's a lot of really messed up stuff, but there is consistently a way to "break" it and fly over it or use the power up to get hit and just keep running.

Is there some way that the pipe that sends you back to the start could be punishment for something you did wrong rather than random bad luck? I think that's the only thing that could make it better... like a falling platform jump that if you miss the first time, lands you in a pit with the warp pipe that sends you back to start.

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#77 Posted by hassun (9946 posts) -
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#78 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

I don't follow Patrick's streaming activities at all, though both of his The Giant Bomb Level streams were surprisingly fun to watch. Gotta hand it to his perseverance as well, but then this was probably nuttin' compared to the crazy feats he's done in Spelunky and other masocore-esque indie platformers.

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#79 Posted by ripelivejam (13161 posts) -

I feel bad for not following klip klop as closely as i did and also miss him quite a bit here too. And bless his heart, i love how dan can't resist a challenge.

Continued mario maker content is a great thing!

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#80 Posted by Sanj (3251 posts) -

Patrick had all the strats.

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#81 Edited by KarlHungus01 (102 posts) -

@poser: You're actually completely wrong about every level being a clusterfuck in Mario Maker. It's actually really easy to find good levels in the Featured section and then follow the Maker, play all their levels and all the levels they have starred and rinse/repeat.

I've been astonished at the quality of levels already out there. Ryckert has some pretty fun and challenging levels for instance. Despite this one being a mess, it was pretty fun too.

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#82 Edited by ArtisanBreads (9107 posts) -

Here's Patrick trying Dan's latest shitty monstrous creation. Only early in but fun so far. The level is a really bastard and Dan even jumped in the Youtube comments to taunt Patrick.

Loading Video...

EDIT: LMAO at 12:29 oh man.

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