Ryckert & Klepek Trilogy War Inspiration

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Dang I should have named it that! But I don't want to have to go through the painful process of beating it a second time to rename it LOL

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I love that this war between Patrick Batman Klepek and Dan Joker Ryckert has inspired other supervillains to take a crack at taking down Patrick. Hope he's up for it, I like the Mario Maker Mornings.

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Hell yeah! I made a level full of puzzles I'm sure would stymie Klepek permanently because I believe I'm abusing his weaknesses. This isn't a super heavy execution stage, it's just really really hard puzzles to figure out. Knowing everything I can do it first or second try reliably now but no one else has managed to do it.

It's called Short Fuse Frustration, and I'm looking forward to the day where I can discuss the level under spoiler tags once someone other than me beats it. Give it a shot!

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@themasterds: You should send it to Patrick so he can bang his head against the computer monitor after taking a sip of coffee during Mario Maker Mornings!

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@demonsoul: How does one do that?

Also it's not something he'd bang his head against necessarily, it's just something he'd never beat. I'd explain but that'd spoil things.

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@apothaeos: Is that the preferred way of doing things? I could message him on Twitch maybe.

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@themasterds: Yes, apothaeos is correct. The best method is to make a comment on Patrick Klepek's Mario Maker morning streams on his youtube channel. He even has asked us to do this during multiple streams. You might want to wait until later next week though because he is currently only playing AGDQ levels at this time. Maybe when he runs out of those he will start playing the levels suggested in the comments section of his latest video.

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@demonsoul: I went ahead and did that.

One detail I said to Patrick in that comment: the difficulty is 100% it's puzzle. Execution wise it's easy enough. I can finish it in one or two tries.

This is true. I'm not super good at the game either, I haven't finished most war levels except for The Klepokalypse which I only finished because I discovered (and posted about) a huge skip having to do with getting a P Switch Dan intended to be impossible to get.

(By the way I'd appreciate it if you starred it even if you're frustrated by it. I'd be unhappy if it ever got pulled. It's my only level which is in any danger from that probably. The danger of hard levels that is. You need a huuuge following for it to perform because people don't like them.)

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Demonsoul was the first to beat my hard ass level well over a month later, congrats! She did it through an unintended route she found which was possible due to an interaction I didn't anticipate. The unintended route is much harder executionwise that the intended and she finished with 5 seconds left. Quite a feat!

The intended route will be made clear through a clue that will, Witness style, be inserted into my 40th stage. I'm currently making my 38th stage.

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I posted this in the Mario Maker Showcase thread a while back but it might be more appropriate here -- it's the hardest course I've made and intentionally references a lot of design decisions in the Klepek stages. I think it's a little bit fairer (it's easier to practice, doesn't involve a lot of backtracking, and the first half has a lot of chances to wait and observe or to correct potential mistakes. The second half gets pretty brutal overall.

It's The Pataclysm.


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My 40th stage is finally out if anyone wants to figure out the secret of my Ryckert stage. I'm confident Patrick would've never figured it out since no one else did in 3 months.

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