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So, I've been a constant reader and sometimes poster on these boards. I recently picked up Super Mario Maker just before the new year, and like a lot I am greatly enjoying it. I've had some fun going through some of the levels on the Showcase thread, and I had a random idea. I'm mostly just curious if anyone would be interested in it.

The idea would be to run some type of Community Level Building contests. It could be run weekly, or bi-weekly. Monthly perhaps but I feel like that would be too spaced out. It would be simple, we vote/all decide on a theme for the month. You could start by getting suggestions in and someone who is running it (me in this case) would select the first category, and then from there we would put the rest up to voting. Everyone who builds one level and submits it would be in the contest for that set. We would then as a community play as many of the levels as we could, and then vote on a winner, a person/level we liked the best from that theme. Themes could also include rules, like no scrolling screens, none of this item etc.

I just think it would be a cool idea to get more levels going in the community here and get some more engagement/creativity from level creators. So yeah, let me know if there is anyone interested in joining me for this idea, and if so I'll begin steps to create it proper, and get going with our first theme.

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