Super Mario Maker Maker Showcase Thread

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#901 Posted by ToxicAntidote (1120 posts) -

Hi duders. Lets resurrect this great thread. I mean, Super Mario Maker is a great game, so why not dust off that Wii U and jump in? Here's a good reason for you. I just made a new level. It's not a super long, nor is it super hard either. Though, it might take a few tries for trail and error. I give you Fiery castle.

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#902 Posted by BlackHeronBlue (790 posts) -

I know I'm kinda late to the party, but anyway... here's my modest tribute to Dan. Obviously, the level is nothing close to being as evil, dirty, and devious.

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#903 Posted by Neurogia (147 posts) -

I wouldn't mind seeing this game remastered for the Switch with bonus templates and themes.

Every other WiiU game is getting ported to the Switch anyways. lol

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#904 Posted by LordAndrew (14608 posts) -

My newest masterpiece: Confounding Castle. It took me four hours to beat. Are you up to the challenge? 6878-0000-03DC-C6F1

Enjoy that? Want something easier? Try one of my other seven levels. I think they're pretty okay.

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