Super Mario Maker on the NX

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What do you think the odds of Super Mario make making its way to the NX? Given NX may or may not have a touchscreen.

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#2 Posted by BasketSnake (1819 posts) -

It may or may not happen? I still believe Super Mario Maker 3DS will be announced over january at the latest.

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#3 Posted by egg (1666 posts) -

I was half expecting a Super Mario Maker for 3DS considering the same happened for Hyrule Warriors.

NX may or may not have a touchscreen so it's too early to make a call.

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NX ain't releasing till 2017 more likely you'll see a sequel.

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There will be a Mario maker on NX. Probably called New Mario maker or Mario maker NX. Whatever form it takes it will have a touchscreen and mobile parity.

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Probably it will both be coming to the 3DS in a more limited (Mario Land Maker would actually be kinda sweet, there are a few Elements of Mario Land 1+2 that i'd love to play with...but unlikely) fashion and the NX in form of a sequel or overhauled version.

That said, i hope it does not stray too far from where it is now. Part of the Charm of Mario Maker comes from the incredible accessibility when making levels, and even with that there are tons of levels that are just simply bad. If they'd add something to make actual 3D Levels or something it'd probably miss the purpose of what worked in the first place

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#7 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

I was kind of hoping NX would just be backward compatible with all Wii U games and accessories. That's probably asking too much though.

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Super Mario Maker on the NX (patent pending)? Not very likely. Super Mario Maker 2 on the NX? You can bet your a**...

I am not sure what they could add to the editor, but I just wish the levels from SMM1 are playable in SMM2.

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#9 Posted by Elwood (273 posts) -

The Whole sharing and Sorting levels could be made better, so when there is a Sequel I would just like some tweaks that will make the whole Online community part better, and easier to use.

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I'd love to see some version of SMM on the 3DS, especially if it did include some Mario Land stuff.

As for the NX, it's so far off that I don't think I can speculate on what sort of games will make sense for it.

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#11 Posted by fnrslvr (579 posts) -

It wouldn't surprise me too much if they tried to succeed the Wii U gamepad with some sort of tablet connectivity for the NX, allowing your iPad or Surface or whatever to function like a Wii U gamepad. They could even come up with some sort of clever adjustable harness/attachment thing that straps around the sides of any typical tablet and has traditional gamepad sticks/buttons on it. It would allow the NX to support the Wii U and DS without having to bundle in an expensive peripheral (you could bundle in the attachment and assume most people own a tablet), and it'd solve a problem that the Wii U suffered from where their gamepad immediately seemed antiquated when compared to the latest tablets.

That said, I'm not sure how feasible that'd be. Nintendo built the Wii U gamepad for a high-bandwidth low-frequency video feed, which they seem to've prioritized over the kind of sleekness people expect from tablets these days -- but maybe the tech has progressed to the point where that's no longer such an issue.

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I was kind of hoping NX would just be backward compatible with all Wii U games and accessories. That's probably asking too much though.

Hey, Nintendo did put out that Gamecube controller adapter so it's not too crazy!

I imagine the NX will be gamepad compatible. Mario Maker seems like it's been a pretty big success and I don't see how they release an NX Edition without some kind of touch interface. I mean you could make levels without the touch screen, but it would feel like a step backwards after seeing how perfect it is for it.

I also expect some kind of 3DS companion game, maybe just to play the levels or something.

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