The Person Top of the Star Ranking is Stealing Levels

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#1 Posted by luigio17 (7 posts) -

It seems someone is stealing level ideas. If you look at both levels, you can clearly see that the concept was stolen. The level I made was on Dec 1 and the thief made theirs on Dec 3. Play both levels and see for yourself. I am just trying to get people aware that this problem exists.

My Original: 7ACB-0000-0106-B026

The Blatant Copy: 269E-0000-0108-FA93

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#2 Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono (1130 posts) -

@luigio17: wow, you weren't kidding about it being blatant. That really sucks, sorry your idea got stolen!

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#3 Posted by csl316 (14959 posts) -

Hate to say, but it's Mario Maker stuff that isn't really enforceable or anything. If he's a mix of other people's good levels, that's probably why he's so high up.

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#4 Posted by luigio17 (7 posts) -

I only bring this up because they copied not only a very specific concept, but nearly the exact same layout. Its not like these are generic Mario levels. I'm just simply showing people that this problem exists.

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I thought you couldn't reupload saved levels. Which means he copied it brick by brick?

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#7 Posted by dudeglove (13736 posts) -

oh wow, SMM plagiarism?

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#8 Posted by cmblasko (2932 posts) -

That's messed up. Is there a mechanism in SMM to report a user or level? Unfortunately, I doubt Nintendo would care to police these cases.

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#9 Posted by briguyd (29 posts) -

Man, your level took me way too long to figure out. Really clever and well done. Too bad it was stolen.

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#10 Posted by BradBrains (2265 posts) -

I thought you couldn't reupload saved levels. Which means he copied it brick by brick?

some people really really care about fake game points and such.

hes gotta thirst for stars that he will do anything to get

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#11 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

That's really messed up OP. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

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#12 Posted by ghost_cat (2256 posts) -

What a weirdo.

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#13 Posted by luigio17 (7 posts) -

A lot of people are commenting on Miiverse about this so the thief is well aware of what is going on. If nothing else, I hope at least this person will stop copying levels. If they continue to do it without penalty, then I will be upset.

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#14 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4415 posts) -

@ghost_cat: Bahaha I love it.

On one hand, this sorta sucks that he's getting credit for these levels. On the other hand, it's kind of cool that he's taking the pinstaking time to recreate some of the best level in SMM to aggregate them for the rest of the players. I would just hope he credits the original creators.

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I'm genuinely curious to see if Nintendo does anything. I would hope that they do (especially in cases like this where it's so incredibly blatant), but stolen levels seems like the sort of thing they would just kinda ignore because it's too hard to police or they just don't care as long as people are playing the game.

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#16 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

Oh well. At least good levels are being aggregated somewhere. Nintendo sure doesn't want us to be able to easily find good levels.

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