Things you'd like to see added to Super Mario Maker?

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So Super Mario Maker has been out for over a week now, and while it's a great game/creation tool, there's definitely some content missing and features I think should be implemented. On the back of the box, it does note Downloadable Content as a feature for Nintendo Network, so that may be confirmation some kind of DLC is planned. Plus, given the way Nintendo's has been supporting it's recent releases with free content, such as Smash Bros and Splatoon, it seems Mario Maker could follow suit.

So things I'd like see...

  1. SLOPES. I seriously don't know how this wasn't in the base game, but damn, slopes would open the doors of creativity by so much.
  2. More Powerups. Where's Mario Bros 3's Frog suit? In an upcoming DLC, no doubt!
  3. Enhanced categorization and filters of levels. What I mean by this is levels should be tagged as to what they are... For example levels that are crazy hard should be tagged as "Very challenging" or levels that are puzzle based should be marked as "Puzzle" etc. People should be able to turn off which kind of levels they don't want to see... so if you're doing 100 Mario Challenge, you don't have to run into levels you actively dislike.
  4. Custom Playlists- I don't think this is in the game, but some kind of tool to chain levels together and play them in succession... almost as if you're playing your own custom Mario world.
  5. More bosses.

I'm probably forgetting a lot of other obvious stuff, but those are what immediately come to mind. What about you guys? Anything you particularly want to see added?

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Well, for what it's worth, we at least know that free content is coming. I forgot where I read the interview, but they did say that they're working on a way to allow us to alter audio for our levels, so we know there will be some sort of post-release content updates. Hopefully we get some of the stuff you mentioned too. I really hope we can get checkpoints, fake ghost house doors, and the ability to block mario from going back through a pipe he just came through.

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You could basically go look at one of the the two (I think) Major SMW romhack programs that exist and see what features they allow for that this game does not, and get your answer.

Access to the rest of the missing sprits. Ability to import character specific abilities for those costume changes (megaman could shoot etc). Custom art assets, music and if you care too, bosses.

World map creation? Heck, people want to be ability to send someone 'here is my world 1-1 to 4-4" but why not give us the ability to make mario 3/SMWesq maps?

Different ways to score? I've seen a dozen differnt mario romhacks which use say, 'get all the yoshi coins to unlock this door in another level" type achievement/secret hunting shenanigans.

Pipes and Doors that are not so constrained?

But, really, all of that is a pipe dream (haha) and not what SMM is about I think. If your looking for the ability to do something as crazy as add custom bosses too SMM ..then you likely already know how to do it in the romhacking sense. There are a bunch of things people would like which would be nice that we might get, The missing enemy/sprites, more music options, and etc, but a lot of the really neat stuff is simply like..

Well, Nintendo isn't gonna let you put Solid snake in their game fighting liquid on the top of a moving metal gear as an example I would not be shocked to see exist in some romhack somewhere.

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I think this game needs checkpoints, and the ability to string levels together (with powerups and lives being carried through from one level to another). I think its too hard to make a meaty, difficult level without those things, because it gets repetitive. That's why so many of the most popular courses have been short and gimmicky I think.

I'd also love more control over some aspects, like with Bullet Bill, I want to be able to set how often he gets fired, and what triggers him to fire, and I'd like to be able to customize him in the same way I can any other enemy instead of just the cannon.

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Tags and custom playlists/worlds, for sure. Search functionality via tags and keywords. Better visibility for activity of friends/followers.

Missing suits, enemies and background themes (desert, athletic, etc). More music and remixes.

More vertical space/vertical scrolling. Raise cap for number of bricks/coins/enemies in a level. Slopes. Static screens. Checkpoints. Alternate exits. Koopalings.

More robust settings for how objects behave, like enabling power up blocks spit out a regular mushroom if the player is small. The way it is now feel less authentic and affects strategy.

And finally, a Super Mario 2/USA tileset that take into account the unique mechanics found in that game. More focus on the unique elements of each tileset in general. Would be great if they found a way to implement Mario/Luigi/Toad/Peach as playable characters across the board as well.

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#6 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1821 posts) -

Slopes definitely. The ability to add special challenges could be interesting but might be too much of a clusterfuck to add. More filtering options would be welcome as well.

Also, fuck the frog suit lol. I hated how it controlled in SMB3. #fuckthefrog

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Miyamoto should make levels!

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Desert, Beach, Snow, and Star-road themes.

Pokeys goddamn it.

SMW2 Yoshi's Island Theme, think of the colorful levels to come from that.

The only things from SMB2 I want are wart, mushroom blocks, shy guys, fry guys, and Ninji

SMW is missing Rex, Banzai Bill, Dino Rhino, Chucks, and colored yoshis.

Big Boo, Petey, Boomerang Bro, and Puffers. Different colors of pipes, Chain chomps that actually break bricks, more colors of Koopa Troopas, fishing lakitu/boo, and vertical mapping + auto vertical scrolling

Team fuck the frog suit

Team fuck automatic levels

(edit) Also poison mushrooms, music selection for a level, crushers/spike pillars, mushroom scales (the mushroom platforms that go up and down when standing on them.)

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Good note on checkpoints, can't believe I forgot about that.

I was playing some levels earlier, and I think would be cool if there was an optional feature for Mario World or New Super Mario Bros Stages where you can have a power-up in reserve, as that's something you could do in the original games. I had another Mario World related wish but I'm completely spacing it out right now.

Also to you Frog Suit haters... come on! It may control like ass but it's apart of Mario Bros 3 nonetheless. #AllSuitsMatter

Edit: Keys! That's what I spaced out. I wanted Super Mario World's hidden keys and locked door feature.

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I really REALLY want the ability to trigger events. I made an enclosed level that's supposed to look like a 1-on-1 fighting game. In the level is a Bowser Jr. and a door that leads to the goal. Unfortunately, there's no why to block the door, so players could literally jump over B-Jr and leave.

Being able to draw a simple wire between objects (a la Little Big Planet) could add SO MUCH to this game. If I could tie an enemy death to unlock a door, the entire level would be fixed and I wouldn't have to rely on the honor system.

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Checkpoints are the big one for me. New settings (desert etc) are more than welcome, but functionally I really want checkpoints.

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Being able to search for levels online, have an easily shareable shortlink for every level made and quickly queue up stuff to play when you return to the game is something that skyrocketed LBP2 to one of my favorite last gen games. This would be alongside better categorization/tagging, as well as curated "best new stuff" lists from Nintendo.

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#13 Posted by jacksukeru (6781 posts) -

I think that most of what I can think of has already been mentioned, so I'll just reiterate.

I want checkpoints, for my own and other's sanity. Bosses, like Boom Booms that drop an item that can remove a nearby door block, or just ways in general to tie boss deaths to opening of paths. The Mario 3 suits, as being able to experiment more with the hammer brother suit or the invincibility function of the tanooki suit would be awesome (also Frog suit is funny).

More background themes, like ones where the floor is covered in water, and in general being able to put water anywhere you wanted in levels would also be cool. an actual ice theme with those ice blocks that melt when you spit fire on them.

More enemies! Fire and Boomerang bros, Big Berthas, those toad like enemies that throw up and toss spike balls, those floating bombs that spit their tail at you as fireballs. Underwater fire spitting flowers, Castle-invunerable-flashing-disco-balls. Those buzzy beetles that throw ice blocks and the ice blocks themselves. Those annoying white pirana plants that chase you and jump after you if you try to jump over them. Pokeys, and mini-goombas covered in blocks juming around.

Throw in some Shy Guys for the hell of it!


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#14 Posted by Rafaelfc (2243 posts) -

I'll adhere to the campaign #allsuitsmatter, and wish they'd add more themes, enemies and slopes.

And I kinda wish they'd remove the New Super Mario Bros. U theme, it's awful seeing that next to the greats.

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#15 Posted by myketuna (1959 posts) -

I agree with everyone else's points here.

However, I would like to add the ability to "watch" every player's playthrough of my level. If the game recorded button inputs and such so you could "replay" what a player did while they played your level, that would be fun and informative. I really want to see how people that didn't finish played it and people that starred it played it, etc.

Just seems like a fun idea.

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#16 Posted by kasaioni (2397 posts) -

Better search engine stuff.

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#17 Posted by toowalrus (13404 posts) -

One of my favorite parts of those old Duper Mario World ROM editors was making my own over world, I'd really like to see that, for real. Also, they can just keep expanding on the enemies & features of the Mario games like you said. Also! just let me pull turnips out of the ground for no reason.

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#18 Posted by MisterCrow (66 posts) -

Another +1 for checkpoints. Or ability to share level packs. Some of these hard levels are just too long. Need the ability to checkpoint or string together multiple smaller levels.

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#19 Posted by Devin_Stackhouse (1 posts) -

I think that it needs more tags so it doesn't turn into Happy Wheels.

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#20 Posted by atomicoldman (831 posts) -

Slopes would be nice but the key thing I want is checkpoints. Considering how long you can make a level, it's absurd not to have one. There's been plenty of levels I've skipped that are likely totally fine because I bang my head on one part and dislike having to run through everything else to get back to it. The ability to tag and select preferred/disliked tags would help tremendously too. I don't like New Super Mario Bros, at all, and would prefer not to play levels using that theme. I happen to really enjoy Mario World and would love it if I had a a way to increase the odds of those ending up in the 100 Mario rotation. As it stands, I can't do that, and it's a real bummer.

I really hope they patch stuff like this. Worst case, if it's DLC, I might actually buy it since I really love what this game does already. I just think there's room for improvement.

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#21 Posted by BradBrains (2268 posts) -

if they added checkpoints and level pack options I would be happy. everything else would be a bonus

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#22 Posted by GhostHouse (185 posts) -

Text boxes like in Super Mario World would be cool for story levels. But also probably easily abused.

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#23 Posted by enemymouse (528 posts) -

Better search, no question. Would be nice to be able to queue levels for later, either while browsing in-game or from the miiverse website.

Basically everything Little Big Planet got right.

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#24 Posted by Ktargo (160 posts) -

Those smiley corner blocks that let you run up walls in Super Mario World.

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#25 Posted by jeremym (136 posts) -

Literally the only thing I want is access to those sweet Chargin' Chucks. Anything else is just a bonus.

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#26 Posted by hippie_genocide (2439 posts) -
  • Better searching - I don't think you can search for a creator or the name of a level, can you?
  • Better filtering
  • Custom playlists
  • SMB 2 content
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#27 Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) -

I would be nice if you could highlight a entire line of the map to use as a reference, mainly for 'train' levels.

I am having a really great time with this game so far.

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is there any indication they will be providing updates in the future, or DLC?

Nintendo's gotten better about that but i'm still wary.

e: i'd also like to have the heat map of player deaths. for... research...

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#29 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

is there any indication they will be providing updates in the future, or DLC?

Nintendo's gotten better about that but i'm still wary.

e: i'd also like to have the heat map of player deaths. for... research...

On the back of the box it does mention "Downloadable Content" though I don't know if that could count for the User levels or not.

Apparently they're already doing DLC in Japan but it's seemingly based off random Japanese characters. I'm sure they've got more stuff planned like more amiibos and features and whatnot.

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World creation. Slopes. Better search/filter tools.

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