This Game is Pretty Much Dead (In America), Huh?

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#1 Posted by TonyBlue87 (457 posts) -

When I set Super Mario Maker aside a few months ago, there was still a rather steady flow of levels being made and notifications coming in that someone had played one of mine (didn't actually finish it or star it, but whatever I certainly didn't question my worth as a human being every time it happened). I recently started firing it up again as my "let's play something before bed" game, and I noticed that the levels rotating in on the 100 Mario Challenge were almost exclusively Japanese. I went to the level browser and found that all the recent uploads were also Japanese. So then I went to the Mario Maker Bookmark Search Engine Why-Is-This-Its-Own-Website thing, and sure enough, Japanese levels as far as the eye can see.

I don't find it at all surprising that the game has maintained it's fanbase overseas, but is anyone around here still actively playing it or creating levels? Did we all unconsciously and unceremoniously decide to move on? Did the Switch make THAT big of a splash? Perhaps Breath of the Wild became the go-to Wii U game (it certainly did for me), and once that was done so was everything else?

Given that the last forum post on this very website was three months ago, is Super Mario Maker truly done?

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#2 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

Maybe. It doesn't help that it's not on the Switch. It also doesn't help that there hasn't been much, if any, new for it. It's just the cycle for games - Super Mario Maker lasted longer than many, but they almost all eventually fade.

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I'd imagine that people who were way into SMM are probably playing BOTW on the Switch now. Nintendo (in yet another sound business decision) deciding not to make a Switch version of it probably sealed the deal. Also, it seems like about 95% of the levels made these days are speedruns on New Super Mario with spikes everywhere, and that gets really old really fast.

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I haven't been making much but I do fire it up every now and then to play some levels. I get some English speakers every now and then but there is definitely a majority of Japanese makers I've noticed. Which is fine with me as long as levels are still being made I'm happy.

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#5 Posted by imhungry (1126 posts) -

Kaizo level makers like Panga are still going pretty strong at it, but those are also Kaizo levels so forget that.

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#6 Posted by ALavaPenguin (948 posts) -

I imagine they will just eventually make a full sequel to it for the switch, there is a lot they could eventually add to that game.

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#7 Posted by AlKusanagi (1650 posts) -

I think it's pretty safe to say that the DS version killed all the momentum the game had. If it had all the features of the WiiU version, I bet the scene would still be going strong.

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#8 Posted by Humanity (18784 posts) -

Jeff still has his in the Wii U.

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#9 Posted by MindBullet (709 posts) -

I think SMM is a victim of Switch Hype. Once it became clear that Zelda was getting pushed as a Switch launch title a lot of people just kind of gave up on their Wii U entirely. Do people still play Mario Kart 8 on Wii U? Smash Bros outside of tournament scenes? Splatoon? I imagine a lot of the big Wii U games just kind of... Ran their course.

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