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With the new update to Super Mario Maker coming next week allowing you to see world records and first clears on the bookmark website I thought it might be good if anyone with a level they think is good for speed running could post it here. Or if you have any levels that still haven't been cleared then I would be willing to give them a go.

To get things started I thought I would share my world record strategy for @danryckert's If The Boo Fits.... No Boo's were harmed in the making of this video ;) There is also room for improvement as I messed up my P-switch jump, so I think around 3-5 seconds could be shaved off.

UPDATE: Here is my completion videos for The Ryckoning and The Giant Bomb Level 3: Doable!

It is possible to get to through the door 3 seconds quicker than I did in this video, so there is definitely room for improvement.

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There's a reason only you can beat your own levels. Your skill is insane.

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You have the 13 wr on my Smoking Room Stash right? That one has a good speedrun potential.

I'd say most of my 40 levels are speedrun able.

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@mrcraggle Thanks. The majority of my time playing games has been spent on Mario Maker since it came out so I have played it a lot.

@themasterds Yeah, I have the record for your Rayman inspired level. I think a little bit of time could be shaven off but I'll wait to see if anyone beats the current record. I have had your latest level bookmarked for a while and just haven't got around to playing it. I will check it out soon.

Here is my record strategy for @jeff's Hittin' Switches level. I really like this run because it is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros World 1-2.

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I found these two to be really fun to speed run. The levels themselves aren't that hard but there is a lot of viable paths in terms of speed running within each of them.

You'll probably crush my records on these easily but thats fine, it will give me a good challenge.

(Also thanks for clearing my super expert level, your still the only one who's beat it. (if anyone wants to try to clear it here's the bookmark: ))

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@katpottz I'll check out those two levels. I think short levels are good for speed running. I can remember your Enemy Manipulation level because of the neat stuff involving the enemies. If I remember right I think I may have found an alternative or unintentional way to beat it. I would have to check it out again to remember what I did.

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