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    Super Mario Strikers

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 18, 2005

    Mario takes it to the soccer field in Super Mario Strikers. Use Koopa shells and Super Strikes to crush your opponent! (Literally.)

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    Wario doing a super strike
    Wario doing a super strike

    Super Mario Strikers is a football (soccer) game starring Mario characters developed by Next Level Games and published by

    Nintendo for the GameCube. Just like in other Mario sports games such as Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Tennis the player can use items such as shells and bananas to attack the opponent. The team consists of five players, a captain, a goalkeeper and three defenders . Captains are able to do super strikes, which are more powerful versions of the normal shots and usually can't be stopped .


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    Game modes

    • Grudge Match - Standard single and multiplayer match, up to four players
    • Cup Battles - Tournament mode, up to four players
    • Super Cup Battles - A harder version of the normal cup
    • Strikers 101 - Training Mode
    • Custom Battle - Players can create their own tournament


    • The Palace
    • Pipeline Central
    • The Underground


    • Konga Coliseum (Beat the Mushroom cup)
    • Crater Field (Beat the Flower cup)
    • Battle Dome (Beat the Star cup)
    • Bowser Stadium (Beat the Bowser cup)


    • B If you are on your side of the field it lobs it down field. If you press it and hold it on your opponents side of the field it makes a charge shot. If you do a charged shot with your team captain it gives an almost certain goal. If you make it, you get 2 points instead of 1
    • A. simple, pass
    • Joystick: move around.
    • R: run faster
    • Start: pause


    • Green Shell - Knocks down other players.
    • Red Shell - Homes in on other players and knocks them down.
    • Blue Shell - Freeze other players
    • Spiked Shell - Rebound off barriers and knocked down opponents.
    • Banana Peel - Places down peels that overturn characters.
    • Bob-omb - Explodes and sends characters flying.
    • Chain-Chomp - Immobilizes all players on enemy team.
    • Mushroom - Raises speed for a set time.
    • Star - Become invincible for a set time.

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