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    Super Mario Sunshine

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jul 19, 2002

    While vacationing on tropical Isle Delfino, Mario is framed for vandalism committed by his own shadowy doppelganger, forcing the paroled plumber to clean up the entire island by using a specialized water-spraying device known as F.L.U.D.D.

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    Mario's time in the sun could have been brighter 0

    After watching Giant Bomb East play through a part of this I had to revisit it to see if it holds up at all. Out of all the Mario games, this one has a bit more story to tell via CG cutscenes. Most of it is kinda weird with the gist of it being about an evil Mario that has painted Isle Delfino with a bunch of paint. Mario gets blamed for the vile act and he must now clean up the town. After getting introduced to the ruined island paradise it quickly becomes obvious that Nintendo wanted to make ...

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    A vacation worth taking. 0

    “You mean I have to clean up crap?” That was my first response when I read about Super Mario Sunshine for the first time. First, Link got all cartoony, Fox got out of his Arwing and now Mario got a goofy ass water pack and started acting like a sanitary worker. When Mario Sunshine was released in 2002, I played it for a little bit and quickly decided it was not worth playing, and moved on. However last year, when I decided to play through my backlog of games, I played Mario Sunshine again and fo...

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    The only vacation here is the one the developers took. 3

    You could basically say I bought my Gamecube for Super Mario Sunshine, I suppose. Like everybody else, I fell in love with Super Mario 64. The idea of more Super Mario 64? Sign me up. Finally, somewhere around Christmas 2004, I managed to pick up a Gamecube; and, as I just mentioned, the first game I bought with my Gamecube was Super Mario Sunshine. The introductory cutscene sets the stage for the game: Mario, the Princess, and a few assorted Toads (including Toadsworth, though the game never re...

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    Well. 5 stars. Perfect. Flawless. Superb. What else can I say? 1

    I have many words that I can use to describe Super Mario Sunshine. Perfect. Flawless. Superb. Must play. Amazing. Spectacular. All those words have something in common. They're complementing the game. I think all words used to describe Sunshine should be complementing the game. Unfortunately, many people don't share the same thoughts. If you don't like this review, remember, it's just my opinion. Super Mario Sunshine was very far ahead of it's time in graphics. Spectacular detail, and flawless s...

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    Great addition to the Gamecube 0

    Anyone who knows anything about video games knows that Mario is perhaps the industry’s most recognizable figure. Yeah, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is sexier and Sonic the hedgehog may be a bit hipper, but the fact remains that Mario, for all intents and purposes, is single-handedly responsible for keeping the home video game market alive. Not bad for an overweight Italian plumber (no offence to any overweight Italian plumbers who may be reading this, of course).The Super Mario legacy has been stron...

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    Despite some problems Mario Sunshine is a fantastic platformer. 0

    Pros: Some of the Gamecube's best graphics – The same incredible gameplay we’re used to albeit with a few changes – Great music – Still has a lot of the classic Mario charm. Cons: The camera can be very annoying – Voice acting is awful. ________________ Super Mario Sunshine is the successor to the highly acclaimed and innovative Super Mario 64, but this one it's not innovative in any way, yet it's extremely fun and it's a must for any Mario fan. The game starts with Mario and Peach takin...

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    Oh U Crazy Mario 0

    Out of all the main stream mario games this one seems to be the red headed step child of the group. I must confess when it came out I was at the age were I did not play nintendo games much anymore. Young and foolish thinking "I'm older and this is very clearly for young kids and bla bla bla bla". When I look back at this statement with this game I laugh a bit because damn, this is a changeling game. I know some of you guys can probably beat this with one hand tied behind your back while tap danc...

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    Super Mario Sunshine is a game worthy of your time. 0

    NOTE: this review was written years ago by me, but I thought I might share this review with GB. Enjoy!----It's been a long time, but it's finally here. One of the most anticipated GameCube games this year is finally out in stores, and that game is Super Mario Sunshine. Six years have passed since Mario's last big adventure, which was one hell of a time. It's now the year 2002, and the mustachioed one is once again doing what many wanted to see for quite a while: lots of running and jumping in ma...

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