Super Mario World

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released Nov 21, 1990

    One of the few launch titles of the SNES (and bundled with the system in North America), the fifth main game in the Super Mario series brings the Mario brothers into the mysterious Dinosaur Land. It marks the first appearance of Mario's dinosaur companions, known as Yoshi.

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    The Highest level of a 2D platformer 0

    Probably the most known game of all time, every single person on earth during the 90s at least tried or saw someone trying this game. It was something unreal, took the world by storm. The tight controls are something that makes the game good till this day, what is unbelievable for a game that came out almost 30 years ago.The game introduced Yoshi to the series, some new power-ups and a beautiful overworld for the level select, with lost of variety and detail, truly impressive for it's time. Cons...

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    Man, this game holds up well! 1

    I recently decided to play through Super Mario World again and I must say: This still is a great game! The gameplay for example: The jumping still feels great and the flying with the cape never gets old. To differ from the earlier games in the franchise, they decided to add in Yoshi, who can stomp and swallow certain enemies. This adds another extra layer of depth to the game, that just keeps you interested and offers extra solutions to the (simple) problems you face in the game.The enemies vary...

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    Super Mario World 0

    It’s only suiting that the very first video game I ever owned makes it in…the first video game I ever played was still the original Mario on the NES…but I missed that train and my first console ended up being the SNES (packaged with Mario Bros.), something my dad bought me when we moved to Winnipeg in 1993. This is really the title that started my obsession with video games. To this day it still holds up and I end up going back and beating it from start to finish with my sister just for the fun ...

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    Review: Super Mario World (WiiVC/SNES) 2

    Having only ever played Super Mario World in brief spats on friends' SNESes, I went into my full playthrough with skepticism. Sure, I had confidence that this would be a satisfying game, but many enthusiasts herald this as the best Mario title to date. From what I had touched previously, this hardly seemed the case. Now, with numerous castles, ghost houses, and another Bowser battle under my belt, I can see where that stunning appeal comes from, even if it doesn't strike my fancy...

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    Rather silly game 0

    Mario hitting a poor innocent dinosaur on the head, please don't get me started on this. I know it's just a video game but really, how can Mario call himself a hero if he is to hit the heads of animals he rides on and kill living things, just to resume a darn princess. but then again, that's my opinion. If you don't like my opinion about the game, then please ignore the comment....

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    Super Mario World is an amazing adventure! 2

    Super Mario World is none other than a true masterpiece. Everything is practically amazing and durable. This is certainly one of Mario's best games ever made. The graphics are absolutely fantastic and crisp, and the environments and layouts are expertly done. The music is memorable, cinematic, and very impressive. I remember getting this game when it came out back in the day; and, now since it is on Virtual Console, it is a fantastic choice for 800 Wii Points. I can say that this is one of my fa...

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    Worthy of the title, "Super" 0

    ..: The Good :.. Feels just right, graphics are nice and colourful, a good long lifespan ..: The Bad:.. Maybe a tad too easy meaning it may be a bit lacking in hardcore gamers 1992 see's Mario first hit the Super Nintendo, and the introduction to everyone's favorite dinosaur, Yoshi. But even with Yoshi, Super Mario World had alot to live up to, with Super Mario Bros. 3, the best Mario game yet, out the previous year. So, does Super Mario World make the cut? ... Yes, yes it does. No prizes i...

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    Timeless. 2

     How do you follow up Super Mario bros. 3? For many people it was the epitome of the series. It expanded on the classic Super Mario Bros. platforming formula by fleshing out Mario's universe, his special powers, and constantly adding new and inventive level designs that were as joyous as they were challenging. In many ways Super Mario World imitates the very successful SMB3 formula, but it's misleading to assume that it just copies it outright and simply updates the game design graphicall...

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    The platformer genre in perfection! 0

    Super Mario World is the top of the line when it comes the platformer games, with perfect controls to top it off. There are over 90 levels with tons of secrets to keep you coming back. This is one of the most colorful games with tons of character and very different and engaging worlds. Each level is different making you think how to get by each part, with levels near the end becoming difficult, leading you to die plenty and always wanting to keep playing that level until you have beaten it leavi...

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    Boasting excellent graphics and sound Super Mario World is great! 1

    This is one of those classics that remain in your heart, and for a good reason. They never get old! Super Mario World for SNES is no exception to this, boasting great colorful graphics, and catchy happy tunes, SMW will make an impression on you for the years to come. This game overcomes many of its competitors simply by its colorfulness, something even current developers should take into account! This game is a must buy for anyone drowning in current shovelware and bad ports, certain to clear th...

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    The best mario platformer, next to galaxy 0

    Now let me tell you, this game will make you bang your controller on the ground, but other than that this is an amazing game. Ok now the graphics, colorful and fun, thats about it, oh and the sprite detail is amazing. And the gameplay is just like everysingle mario game you've ever played, but involves....... YOSHI!, which is extremely fun, you can gulp your enemy, exept you can't get eggs from them like in the sequel to this :(. Now the music is basic, but the themes are catchy. And the control...

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    How great can you get? 0

    First thing's first. This review is for the GBA version, not the SNES version.There are many words that describe this game: amazing, spectacular, superb, fantastic, and so on. All these words have something in common. They're all complimenting Super Mario World. I really don't think I've ever played a portable game better than Super Mario World. It's so entertaining. I could play the level 1 over and over again all day, and still not get bored. For all Wii, SNES, or GBA owners. This game is a mu...

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    A World Apart from Other Platformers 0

    Nintendo was riding a wave of success due to the huge sales of not only the NES, but Super Mario Bros. 3, as well.  With a new decade, though, came a new system in the SNES, which spawned Super Mario World.  Suffice it to say, the list of games better than Super Mario World is short, if not empty.  Nearly every aspect of this game was excellent, from the catchy tunes, to the controls, even the graphics were a big thing in 1991 with its rotating sprites.  The story is simple.  Mario and friends a...

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