How can you tell if you have beat a warp zone?

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Is there a way?  I unlocked a bunch as I was making my way through the game and was going to wait to play them until I beat the game to go back and try to get 100% but I can't tell if I've beat the warp zones or not unless they give a character unlock that I have.
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I haven't quite figured that out myself.  I've never looked at my completion % for a level after I've finished one, so i'm not entirely sure if it goes up or not.  I think it's more a matter of getting the bandages out of those levels or unlocking characters more than anything else.

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There's an icon next to where the Warpzone's name is displayed that tells you if you've collected the bandages in there. That's the only way to know, as far as I'm concerned.

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I was wondering this myself. Seems a bit sloppy compared to how good and clean the rest of the menus is.

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Yeah. You just have to look up how many bandages are supposed to be in each warp zone and see how many are shown. I agree it's pretty sloppy to force somebody to use the internet to find out if they need to play it again.

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