Super Meat Boy on Mac

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Hi guys. :)  
Do you know when this will be available for Mac?   
Thanks a lot :)   
I bought it on steam, but it says that mac is not supported. Then I checked some other sides, including GB and they all said that it is available.  

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I don't believe they have a set date for the Mac release. They said it wasn't as high a priority as the level editor, which should be out in January, so hopefully not too long after that.  
The good news is, they said the game supports Steamplay, so if you already bought it on Steam, as soon as the Mac version is available you will already own it.
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same boat as you (if u have a mac) I got it but I am not able to play it. As Prototype said it will be coming out after the level editor so we will have to wait a month or two (max I hope)

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Yeah I was very confused about this too, but then I read from their blog that it will be SteamPlay and come out after the level editor next year so I pre-ordered it. I couldn't wait and now I have played it over 20 hours in Bootcamp. Game of the year IMO. If you don't have Windows just hang in there it's worth the wait. Also next time watch what Steam says. They have labels for PC, Mac and SteamPlay and they tell the truth about what you are buying. 
Edit: I don't know how well Mac supports controllers though. I can't see anyone playing this game without a pad. I mean it's probably fine at the beginning but the later levels require precision that is impossible on a keyboard at least for me. The game even has funny warnings about it. I think Xbox 360 is the only supported controller even on PC.

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They have said it is a priority, but the level editor is more important. 
That is coming out in January so I'd use that as a reference point.

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lol mac

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There is no confirmed release date yet. Just early next year.

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They said they're going to make it a SteamPlay game when it's released on Mac so you've basically pre-purchased it.

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If you're interested, you can get the game to run by launching Steam through a program called Crossover Games. There are some visual glitches and it can crash sometimes, but it's better than not playing it at all.

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@Prototype072: Be cool if they had Steam Cloud support.
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@afrofools: They said that they will add Steam Cloud.
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@Forcen said:
" @afrofools: They said that they will add Steam Cloud. "
Sweet :) Progress safe forever.

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