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A lot of the fun of SMB comes from comparing your times against other peoples and wondering how the hell did they complete a level so quickly. Post your Steam ID here and I'll add your name to the table and we'll see who is the best PC Super Meat Boy player in the Giant Bomb community.

Top 10 GB Players

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GB RankWorld RankGB UsernameTimeLevels Completed
1 ( - )145 ( \/ )Psycosis2183.86310
2 ( - )281 ( \/ )s101290172924.36310
3 ( - )438 ( \/ )ShiftyMagician3294.17310
4 ( /\ )886 ( \/ )Legend3668.55310
5 ( - )1884 ( \/ )emem3913.19309
6 ( * )4419 ( * )Pop2984.75258
7 ( /\ )4761 ( \/ )Hamst3r3221.58254
8 ( /\ )5891 ( \/ )ESREVER3004.30241
9 ( /\ )6150 ( \/ )Zaccheus2757.30238
10 ( * )6268 ( * )taylor1092850.33237

Updated on 15.04.11

NOTE - If I don't have you on my friends list then I can't add you to the table (I'm the first name on the Steam ID list).

Steam ID List

UsernameSteam URL
Steam ID
fr0y0pr0y0CAKE OR DEATH
bobxloblawbob_loblawCAKE IS THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE
TheBootTheBootThe Boot
L33tfella_HL33tfella_HSteve Buscemi
Hamst3rhamsteralliance[THA] Hamst3r
Th3Jamesth3JamesTh3 James
Psycosispsycosis91Psycoimma Let You Finish But
BourbonStlMikeRotchBourbon Stl
Crusader8463Crusader8463Nicholas ''Crusade'' Totton
MattyFTMmattyftmMattyFTM, Beer Monster
Hugh_JazzhughjazzHugh Jazz
achoyqachoyqachoyq - the red baron
mzuckermmzuckMark Z
wolf_blitzer85wolfblitzer85Wolf Blitzer85

- I stopped linking GB usernames because it was breaking the page.

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#2 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7812 posts) -

Steam ID: joseph9631 
Great Idea! :D

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#3 Posted by LordAndrew (14601 posts) -

Steam ID: LordAndrew

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#5 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

Steam: Jorbear

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#7 Posted by fr0y0 (174 posts) -
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#8 Posted by bobxloblaw (5 posts) -    

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#14 Posted by JJOR64 (19692 posts) -

To make things a little easier, you guys should make a Giant Bomb Super Meat Boy Steam group.

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#15 Posted by Hamst3r (5327 posts) -
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@mracoon said:

If you're a 360 player then head over to Coombs' great GamerTag thread.

I don't want to be nasty, but that thread would have been great had he updated it...  ever.
Hell, if he had updated it correctly... the one time he did it.
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#17 Posted by SydRocks (12 posts) -
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#18 Posted by ErTDaemon (54 posts) -
Great idea - looking for more people on my leaderboards!

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#19 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2185 posts) -
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#20 Posted by mracoon (5105 posts) -
@Diamond: If you want to make a better thread then go ahead but ask Coombs first if he plans to update his one.
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#21 Posted by Poost (92 posts) -
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#22 Posted by Th3_James (2614 posts) -

SteamID: Th3James

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#30 Posted by mracoon (5105 posts) -

I would like to put up an actual leaderboard but they seem to be busted right now.

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#31 Posted by Psycosis (469 posts) -
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#32 Posted by BourbonStl (2 posts) -
I like to think im pretty decent

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#33 Posted by paco (132 posts) -
@mracoon: Steam leaderboards seem to be fixed, or at least in my game it is. 
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#34 Posted by mracoon (5105 posts) -

Top 10 leaderboards are now up and GB already had a user at 8 in the world rankings. I'll update the leaderboard to include the rest of the users at some point but for now I'm sticking to the top 10. If you want to be added to the list then you have to add me or accept my request to be a friend on Steam (my ID is at the top of the username list).

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#35 Posted by s10129107 (1494 posts) -

s10129107  on steam 
if you wanna friend me so that we can compare scores level by level that would be great!

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#37 Posted by mracoon (5105 posts) -
@s10129107: Updated the list.
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"UndoneBahamut" but yo, I SUCK hard at this game 
Although I totally got 3.7 seconds on one level that had a par time of 30. That made me feel pretty good.

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#39 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -
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#44 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

I already own the game on the 360, but I couldn't resist when I saw the Steam version on sale, so I bought that too. :D The level editor is worth the $3.75 alone.
Here's my Steam ID:

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  I swear this game is trying to kill me. 

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#46 Posted by raiz265 (2263 posts) -

oh wow 
need to let cataclysm go and grind some meat!

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#47 Posted by Tebbit (4591 posts) -

Add me to this list! It will be encouragement to actually finish the game. try "Tebbit", and if that doesn't work, "Tebbitbreath".

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#48 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -
Probably not gonna play this much, but whatevs. Tbh I find the flash version more appealing. Got it for free as a trade against a copy of HL2 though, so probably shouldn't complain.
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#49 Posted by butano (1998 posts) -

ID: Butano  

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#50 Posted by Surkov (1019 posts) -

Steam: Surkov

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