Super Meat Boy XBLA Update Released!

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#1 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

It's been a few months since Team Meat promised to release an update that would fix the save glitch, bandage glitch and 0.0 time glitch when you beat certain levels. Well, the wait is finally over. The update can be downloaded right now! I highly recommend that you check your leaderboard rank after you download the update, as you might find a little surprise waiting for you. Because the 0.0 times are all gone now, I was pleased to see that I'm currently ranked 40th worldwide! I might actually go back to the game to improve my rank and try to get to the top 10, now that the leaderboards are fixed.

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#2 Posted by fazzle (349 posts) -

It appears there's already new glitches to exploit.  I'm already seeing a whole bunch of 0.01 and 2.00s on leaderboards

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#3 Edited by Thrillhouse87 (291 posts) -

the update also erased some of my progress... 
well this was worth waiting 3 months for XD
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#4 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -
@fazzle: I guess we'll have to wait 3 more months for them to fix those too. :P
@Thrillhouse87: It only erases levels that you finished with the 0.0 glitch. I had to replay 3 levels where I had the glitch myself. Not worth the wait, though; I agree.
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#5 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

i was disappointed the new level packs didnt drop.

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#6 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

update coming over to PC?

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