Team Meat VS PETA

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In recent PETA idiocy,PETA has released super tofu boy as a spoof game to super meatboy and as it turn out PETA doesnt know shit about good level design or that meatboy is in fact a boy with no skin (This is actually cannon in the Super MeatBoy Universe) .In response to this Team Meat has put Tofu Boy as an unlockable character in the PC version of the game.To unlock him you just have to type "petaphile" in the character select screen,needless to say I cant wait to see the speed runs with this guy.It kinda sucks that this character is only available in the PC version,since I am crazy enough to go through the entire game again with Tofu Boy but oh well.
Heres some early gameplay with Tofu Boy:

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Damn it theres another thread about this I missed

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@Smokay: Was just going to say its already been posted haha. Also I tried Super Meat Boy for the first time and it makes me want to break stuff.
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that first video is hilarious

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