XBLA Leaderboards Not Updating

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I know people have been talking about the erasing progress glitch, the 0.00 glitch, and the completed-but-unmarked bandage glitch, but I just noticed that my spot on the leaderboards has been the same for days and days.  I've had 271 levels complete the whole time I've been finishing the Hell and Rapture Dark Worlds, and I just confirmed it by beating the first two Cotton Alley Dark World levels without it updating.   The individual level leaderboards seem just fine, but the overall ones are just stagnant.
Has this been noted and I'm just blind, or is it a new issue?

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Well shit.  Maybe it's part of the not-saving glitch, as I went back in today and all of my progress was lost. 
EDIT:   And son of a... I still have individual level leaderboard spots on the ones that SMB is claiming I haven't beaten yet.   ARRGSRGSDFSDF

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I don't know why the patch is taking so long. It's supposed to fix all these glitches. Team Meat submitted it to Microsoft weeks ago, and they still haven't released it..

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