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One more try

Super Meat Boy is a platformer that makes you cry as much as it makes you laugh. This is definitely a game that demands a download of the free trial before purchase because you'll either love it or hate it.  
What appeals to me are the charming graphics, fun references and most of all the tight controls which help you steer through the sometimes insanely difficult levels. You can start and stop whenever you wish, land on exact pixels and change directions mid-air but it will take some practice mastering these skills. If you like a challenge, this game will give you one. 
Furthermore the game is packed with references to retro and indie games, some of which I didn't get because I'm not that familiar with either one of those categories but still the cut-scenes made me smile because they are really well done. 
The music sets the mood perfectly and seems to be designed to make your blood rush faster through your veins. It helps to build up tension while you are struggling to get past a level and makes you feel all the more superior once you've actually done it ... on to the next, the music just keeps playing. 
To conclude it all this game has one of the characteristics that makes a good game in my opinion : the power to make you say "one more try" over and over again. (Just check Brads quicklook to verify) Most games frustrate me enough after dying twice to just shut the system down and come back some other day, or never. Super meat boy however seems to have found a formula to increase my tolerance for dying. On some levels I died 60+ times and instead of frustrating me it made me more determent to beat the level. 

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Posted By bibledoctor

Short and sweet, the more reviews I read the more I lean towards purchasing SMB.  
Good review.

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