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Most fun you can have bashing your head against a wall...

Let me start off by saying that Super Meat Boy is an evil fucking game.  Let me follow that up by saying it's the most fun i remember having with a game in quite some time.  SMB will make you hate yourself, you will find yourself playing the same level over and over again just trying to clear a stage.  Some will take 50 tries...but when you finally clear it it is the most satisfying feeling ever.     

The plot involves Meat Boy trying to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil scientist, Dr. Fetus.  The plot is furthered by short cutscenes occurring before and after worlds.  The art style of these scenes are great, many of them are direct parodies of scenes from classic NES era games.  The game also features a great soundtrack, that really draws the player into the game. 

Personally I was skeptical from the various previews, i thought it just looked impossible and unfair. But when i actually played the game i immediately fell in love.  The game is no doubt challenging but it is not impossible, no matter how tough a level looks it can be done.   Last night, i was playing the game in my dorm room with a few friends.  I was dying on the same level, my friends kept yelling new strategies at me to avoid the saw blades of death that had stopped me so many times before.  I would get close to the end and suddenly the rooms would grow silent, no one wanted to break my concentration.  Then i died, a jump away from the goal, our silence was quickly shattered by the shouting of obscenities.  A few tries later and i cleared the level and everyone cheered, satisfied by my victory.  Then i moved on to the next level and this process started all over again.  

 However, i dont believe this game is for everyone.  I strongly suggest you download the trial before going for the purchase.  It is not for the feint of heart.  But if your looking for a good challenge, full of gaming nostalgia, a cute block of meat and some kickass music then Super Meat Boy is a must buy. 

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