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Difficult Done Right

 Super Meat Boy is a fast paced platformer that balances intricately difficult levels littered with spikes, saws, and other instakill obstacles with tight controls, instant death respawns, and bite sized level length.

Meat Boy controls so well you would have thought the game was wired directly to your motor cortex. Across dozens of deaths you will build up the muscle memory to literally dance your way through the games seemingly never ending number of fiendishly designed levels.

Though dying a hundred times can cause ones blood pressure to rise, I found that given the short length of each level and the instant respawns, frustration never resulted in shutting the system off, vowing never to play again. Rather it encourages you to press on, if not only to see the ensuing replay showing each of your past lives playing out simultaneously. In fact the only levels which really tested my anger levels were specific special stages (Warp Zones and "Kill Screen" levels) which are limited in the number of lives.

Slap on top an excellent art style reminiscent of The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers, a healthy dose of references to old games of yore (which actually made you put your controller through your TV screen), and the introductory special price of 800 Microsoft Points, and you have a must buy game oozing with charm, challenge, and value.    

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