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One more try 1

Super Meat Boy is a platformer that makes you cry as much as it makes you laugh. This is definitely a game that demands a download of the free trial before purchase because you'll either love it or hate it.    What appeals to me are the charming graphics, fun references and most of all the tight controls which help you steer through the sometimes insanely difficult levels. You can start and stop whenever you wish, land on exact pixels and change directions mid-air but it will take some practice ...

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The beauty is when all those botched jumps pay off... 0

 Dr Fetus strikes again Super Meat Boy pays homage to old-skool gaming in many ways, but unlike many tribute acts, it isn’t a one-trick-pony that tries to dig in with the hooks of nostalgia. The steady stream of gaming references gives this hardcore platform game bags of charm, yet it plays and feels like a modern and full-featured product. The titular hero – a cube of meat that tracks blood everywhere he treads – is in love with Bandage Girl. Unfortunately, the dastardly Dr Fetus hates Meat Boy...

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First Impressions: Super Meat Boy 0

First Impressions: Super Meat Boy My initial assessment of Super Meat Boy (now available on Steam for PC) is that it's everything that it was hyped up to be when it was originally released for XBLA.  Its challenge level runs from moderate to punishing, but the trials seem to be entirely fair and ultimately beatable.  The game has a similarly brutal, if somewhat cutesy, sense of humor.  The main antagonist is a fetus in a top-hatted mech-suit, and the first world features lots of furry cartoon-c...

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One of the best games in XBL 2

Everything about this game just oozes quality.  Sure it is hard but the overall polish is clearly visible. I got this yesterday and played almost two worlds with my friend watching and even he who hasnt ever been into 2d platformers said that "this is excellent". And whilst I'm not into hard games I had loads of fun in getting my Meat Boy killed to spinning blades, metal junk, enemies and screen borders. Everything in this game kills you! But as it is so fast paced it doesnt really begin to both...

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Difficult Done Right 0

 Super Meat Boy is a fast paced platformer that balances intricately difficult levels littered with spikes, saws, and other instakill obstacles with tight controls, instant death respawns, and bite sized level length. Meat Boy controls so well you would have thought the game was wired directly to your motor cortex. Across dozens of deaths you will build up the muscle memory to literally dance your way through the games seemingly never ending number of fiendishly designed levels. Though dying a h...

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Where that time of the month is all the time! 0

 While I do tend to talk a fair share about video games to the people in my life, I try to skew the conversation towards the interests of said person. My macho-would-be-tough-guy friends will hear about the time I diced up three straight dudes in a Gears 2 while chugging a Dew down like a man. The women can learn of my sensitive side as I discuss the charming merits of stitching a plush bear’s cut together in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The older crowd will be excited to learn about the Tommy pinba...

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SquishSquishSquishSquishSquishSquish 0

Super Meat Boy is nothing short of a getting-hopped-up-on-drugs-and-having-your-teeth-kicked-in-by-a-horse experience.  Sure it's painful, but that doesn't stop you from laughing, or really even enjoying it.  This charming little 2D platformer is all about a good challenge, and just in general being hilarious.  During the few hours it took me to complete Super Meat Boy, I would go from angry at the world to giddy with excitement in about 10 seconds, and back again.  The levels are so fast paced ...

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The Meat That Can't Be Beat... 0

Super Meat Boy (SMB) can come off as if it is nothing more than a simple platformer falling back on its retro roots.   Everything from the visuals, the music, and its humor can lead you into its spider web of frustration, but if you have the patience and skill you can come out on top and truly feel as if you accomplished something great. Visually the game looks both retro and modern as the games fidelity clearly outshines the retro aesthetic.   The frame rate holds steady, but can sometimes slo...

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Super Meat Boy: Full of Fuzzy Animals and Cotton Candy! 0

Super Meat Boy could be described as a platformer, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate; this game is more of a masochism simulator with an indie platformer’s skin. Whatever genre it falls under, SMB is a tightly designed game that rewards precision gameplay similar to Trials or Ninja Gaiden. And although it makes me more frustrated than any game of the past five years, there is a great sense of style and humor that softens the blow of dying 50 times in one level, and the tightly designed levels ...

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The Art of “Simplicity” is Very Much Alive in Gaming; Team Meat Delivers. 0

Following a fleshed down black and white intro of our characters, raging guitars and pounding drums,Super Meat Boy the game immediately greets us to our bloody crusader – Super Meat Boy! Instantly, the TV projects a brightly colored red screen, where every hand drawn animation is surrounded with dark borders. The character’s beady eyes stare you down as the ever pumping beat compels you to press start! Your heart is churning and pumping as the rhythm gets inside you. Just press start! Until fina...

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Hardcore fun 0

There are many indie platformers that are good, but this one stands out. Super Meat Boy is a unique game, inspiried by many popular platformers. It consists of small levels that are super hard, each with it's dark edition. With awesome bosses, a huge ammount of characters that come from other popular indie games, Super Meat Boy will bring you an experience unlike any other....

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The fair challenge 0

I’ve always enjoyed a good platformer. It’s one of my favorite genres, and I seem to find myself wishing there were more good ones year after year. That’s why I love it when a game like Super Meat Boy rolls around. This is a brilliantly crafted, tough as nails platformer that has a lot to offer. It’s certainly not for everyone, but Super Meat Boy is a real treat for those who appreciate a fun, challenging 2D platformer. Perhaps it’s no surprise that some of the best 2D platformers in rec...

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Fun, Challenging and Infinitely Rewarding 0

For a while now I’ve been worrying more and more about the movement of the games industry towards the casual market. The existence of this trend is pretty much indisputable nowadays, with the introduction of the Kinect and the Move lending themselves all too well to that family-friendly genre of “casual” games. Gone are the days when games were too difficult, too inaccessible to merit a broad appeal. For a growing number of gamers, the opposite is in fact the case: games are becoming too easy.It...

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Most fun you can have bashing your head against a wall... 0

Let me start off by saying that Super Meat Boy is an evil fucking game.  Let me follow that up by saying it's the most fun i remember having with a game in quite some time.  SMB will make you hate yourself, you will find yourself playing the same level over and over again just trying to clear a stage.  Some will take 50 tries...but when you finally clear it it is the most satisfying feeling ever.      The plot involves Meat Boy trying to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil scient...

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Varied, challenging and hilarious, this is a superb plattformer. 0

At first glance, Super Meat Boy may seem like the kind of plattformer that will have you exercising in frustration. It throws just about every obstacle and hazard imaginable at you, from buzzsaws to heat-seeking projectiles and pits filled to the brim with spikes and so on. But even after stumbling again and again at the very same obstacle, you´ll have no one to blame but yourself. Super Meat Boy is a tough game but its one of those rare gems that wont have you throwing your controller in frustr...

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Meet Meat Boy 0

Super Meat Boy hates you. It literally hates you. The game punishes you for purchasing it and that's actually a good thing. Super Meat Boy is a game that pushes you to the very edge of your sanity but you'll enjoy the torture. The game is being called "Masocore" by it's fans and developers.Super Meat Boy is a run and jump game following the likes of N+ and I Wanna Be The Guy. You play as Meat Boy for the main part, with the emphasis of the 200 something levels being on saving the love interest B...

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Super Meat Boy Review 5

By -- Craig H.Super Meat Boy describes itself as a “tough-as-nails” platformer and rightfully so. The game is punishingly hard but you can’t help but keep playing. The satisfaction of completing each of the 300+ levels is extremely rewarding and should be attempted by anyone who enjoys platform gaming.The story in Super Meat Boy plays like a typical Super Mario tale. Super Meat Boy has the same goal for each level: Save Bandage Girl (just like how Mario’s goal was to save the princess). Bandage ...

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The Classic Struggle Between Meat Boy and Evil Fetus 0

Super Meat Boy is a furiously challenging 2D platformer.   It features over 200 levels that constantly test the player’s thumb-eye coordination and perseverance.   To those who can muster the will to attempt what should be a 30-second-long level an embarrassing number of times, this game offers satisfaction rather than frustration.   This is because it is very rare that victory comes through memorization (a la Mega-Man).   Instead, the player only needs pixel-perfect platforming skills and the a...

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The meat shall inherit the Earth. 0

I love it I love it  I love it I love it  I love it I love it  I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCFKFUCKFUCKAJSDFAKLHFKJEURIWQ:BOWDUHUP:{IWHP:ICUH... Good story, phenomenal music, tight controls, hilarious sense of humor, ass-spanking challenges, delirious design, tons of secrets, and free DLC levels all for one low price. It ...

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Masochistic fun. 0

 This generation of games has been nice for indie game developers, the scene is becoming increasingly more democratic with digital distribution, that's a good thing for gamers since there are many talented developers around that never got the chance to go big. Meat Boy started off as a flash game, it quickly drew attention, it had its strong points, a real release was inevitable in this fitting scenario. Two years later the world was presented to Super Meat Boy, a full-length game that strives f...

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Super Meat Boy Review 0

When I first saw this game I thought it would be just like any other plat former over the years. I was really excited for it and when I saw the first game play my heart dropped. For a while I didn’t follow any of the news that was coming out about the game. But then, during Extra life I watched Daemon Hatfield play it and I was in awe. It’s like I saw a new light. This game wasn’t just any other plat former; it was a “game changer” for me.                    I bought the game as soon as I got h...

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Are you man enough to be a meat boy? 0

Probably the one review I was not looking forward to. Not the game itself which I'll get to but rather my opinion of it. Just like Braid and Limbo, Super Meat Boy's review have been through the roof with people outright loving the game, putting it on their GOTY lists and even putting it with the platformer heavy hitters of Mario and Sonic but after playing it and my opinion of the game started to set in, I started to think "uh oh, don't know if anyone will agree with it". Granted, reviews are su...

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Challenging and Rewarding 0

This is easily the most challenging fun I've had for a long long time. The levels are mostly quite short but very rewarding and the gameplay is very addicive especially because of the fast load times and almost non existent respawn times.This is a game that makes me want to strive for 100%. The last game I 100%'ed was Aquaria, which is an equally awesome game for different reasons. It is a perfect game for completionists.  There are a lot more achievements on the steam version than XBLA. In fact...

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Hell Yes! 0

Super Meat Boy is one of the major indie games of 2010. This is very surprising especially when looking at the difficulty level of this game. This is literally is right on the top of the hardest games ever. Right in line with N+ or Splosion Man. Similarities to other 2010 top indie game VVVVVV can be also found in the short stages and the retro look. Game bears resemblances to 8bit gaming times in all fronts of the presentation. This is with simplistic Meat Boy sprite and the plain 2D background...

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Super Meat Boy hates you ( but it's awesome ) 0

 For those who don't know, I'm a huge fan of indie games.  In the past 2 or 3 years, I've probably had more fun with indie developed PC and XBLA games than almost any $60 retail release you could name.  Following this trend, Super Meat Boy delivers one of the hardest, but most fulfilling experiences I've had on XBLA.  The replay system is great to get a sense of how long a level took. The difficulty of SMB's ( clever acronym, huh? ) main story levels feel almost perfect.  The ramp up in chal...

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enter the meat dimension 0

Super Meat Boy is the latest in the frustrating but satisfying genre of masochistic platformers. Initially shown as a flash game super meat boy is a tough, tough game that requires incredible precision, accuracy, and surgeon like hand eye coordination in order to traverse its levels but the slick controls, charming presentation, and smart level design make it stand far and above its competition.  The good: The presentation of super meat boy was easily my favorite part of the game. From the intro...

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Do you Crave the Challenge? 0

Find Mario a bit to easy? Well then let Super Meat Boy whip you into shape, with levels that are both difficult and satisfying to beat. Don't get me wrong, this game is great, but for people who are new to platformers might want to go for something that is both enjoyable and fun while offering an average challenge. But what sets Super Meat Boy apart from other platformers is it's amazing level design, as each new level that you go into will hold new obstacles and just when you get the hang of it...

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Torture Porn 0

Super Meat boy was never on my radar till I watched Brad's Quicklook on I, like many others, am a fan of Super Mario Brothers and all other 2D platformers that control very well. So after watching the quicklook, I spent the $10 early purchase fee. The first couple of stages are a tutorial and can be slightly deceiving in the difficulty department. Its not until you get 8 or 9 levels in, does it ramp up the difficulty. I have been a gamer for nearly 30 years. And during that time, ...

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If the Devil designed a video game... 0 might look something like Super Meat Boy.  Everyone knows this is a tough game, believe the hype.  It needs to be said that while it is tough, it is not cheap.  You do not feel like the game is killing you in ways you could not avoid.  Trial-and-error gameplay is at work here, and you have to be ready to learn from your mistakes.  This is a game two years in the making and it shows.  Lots of "love" was poured into every aspect of it's design, though it never takes itself too seriously.  Th...

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This Game Is Great. 0

Is this game frustratingly hard? Yes.Is this game quirky and you feel accomplished beating it? Yes.Should you buy this game? Yes.My experience for Super Meat Boy is one of pure, frustrating, fun. Super Meat Boy is a platforming game that has a difficult level structure but it is beatable. There is a great level editor for user created levels to challenge your skills even further. I recommend playing this game with an Xbox 360 controller as it will give you more control. This is a fun game that y...

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You'll Enjoy Every Rage Inducing Moment 0

I don’t what it is about  the game genre of ‘ Masocore’ fascinating. I am as easily frustrated with not being able to progress through a game because of an impossible boss or asshole level design. Really, games that are labelled this should be the worst game you ever played. It’s frustrating, unfair and completely and utterly unenjoyable. But that’s not true and I don’t know why. Tell me why don’t I just turn off the game and never touch it again leaving it as only a bad m...

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Super Meat Boy Is Bloody Great Fun! 0

 No, the title wasn't to highlight the fact I'm British, it was a bad pun to highlight how awesome 'Super Meat Boy' is! You'd think I was a masochist by saying how much I love this game, because it's just a straight up challenging game, there isn't any question about it, this game is 'hard.' Of course the earlier levels start off as less of a challenge but if you're not familiar with the game's controls and mechanics even the early levels can be grueling experience.  Meat 'Meat Boy' (Oka...

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The Holy Of Holy 0

my god is this game HARD i mean it took me 2 months to finish half of this game that's longer than any game i've play in a while i still can't finish the cotton alley but  MY GOD! the music is great, the animation is awesome, the video game references are everywhere the original game is great but not as much stuff than Super Meat Boy has in it and it is one of my favorite games of all time!...

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old school 0

Super meat Boy is very fun game but VERY HARD!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!It's a old school plateform game. You make an error, you die and you restart the level. If you will finish this game in 100%, you must have a big skill. The bonus level are very fun with a remake of the game of Game & Watch and others characters for others games (Bit Trip, Half Life2...) ...

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Super Meat Boy for Linux: Masocore for the Masses 0

I’ve yet to see Indie Game: The Movie. This is probably a sad state of affairs, and puts me at something of an informational disadvantage to people who are passionate about Team Meat’s debut title Super Meat Boy. Games are not developed in a vacuum; I feel that the context surrounding a game’s development is usually worth consideration, and while I can speak a little bit about the history of this particular title, this is by no means a retrospective.Having said all of that, I honestly feel that ...

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Infuriatingly difficult, yet ridiculously addictive. 0

Super Meat Boy is, very simply, psychotic. That’s the only way I can even hope to start describing it. It was clearly designed by total sadists with the blackest of hearts whose days must usually be filled with reading about how to make cadavers in slaughterhouses be neatly and efficiently sliced by rotating blades, or instructions on how make normal people start foaming at the mouth. Let’s get this straight right now: This game categorically hates all players with an unabated and everlasting fu...

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I love this game! 0

If you can't tell from the title of this then you should probably stop reading this. I do honestly love this game, the cute retro design, the 8-bit mania, the fact you play as a cube of meat fighting a fetus! But the difficult of this game is why this is a 4.5 not a 5 I can't recommend this to everyone because some people can't time these things and I wouldn't wanna be to bold to say everyone should buy it. But if you love classic plat formers that are packed with insanity then you should defini...

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