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    Super Mega Space Blaster Special

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Jun 18, 2019

    The first game in the Super Mega Space Blaster series and a frantic retro inspired space shoot 'em up.

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    Super Mega Space Blaster Special is a retro styled, fast-paced space shooter (shmup) and the first game released by Bare Knuckle Development. The game Draws on games from yesteryear like Asteroids and The Galactic Plague as well as modern shooters like Bit Blaster XL and Super Stardust HD. This creates a shoot 'em up with modern mechanics that fills the player with retro gaming nostalgia. The game has local coop and competitive modes and an extensive features list for it's low price. There is also an expanded 'Turbo Edition' of the game called Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo for consoles, PC and Mac


    • 10 space blasters to unlock.
    • 3 game modes.
    • Local coop & competitive multiplayer.
    • Full controller support with in game images for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.
    • 20+ challenges.
    • Loads of power-ups and weapons.
    • Achievements.
    • Leaderboards.
    • Cross platform cloud-save.
    • An 80's infused synth-pop sound track by Electric Fan Death.

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