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Shadow Oedipus Complex 0

  Have you ever eaten a dish so extraordinary, one that provided such an overwhelming sensation on your taste buds, that “ordinary” suddenly tastes like arse? Like go to , have an exquisite chicken capellini with the rarest spices, designed by a passionate singing chef with more than five syllables in his last name…then go home and eat a frozen dinner. That sums up my predicament at the moment. I’ve been so completely blown away by the recent Batman game that I can’t bring myself to derive pleas...

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The Definitive Metroid Experience 0

What with Metroid: Other M releasing in a few days, I felt it was appropriate to revisit earlier chapters in the Metroid series, culminating with the best: Super Metroid.  It regularly ranks highly on lists of the “best games of all time”, and is widely considered an indisputable classic. It inspired a whole new form of level design that has been copied by the Castlevania series, among others.  Newcomers can experience it today on the Wii’s Virtual Console for 800 Wii points (a classic co...

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Super Metroid Review 0

Super Metroid is an action platformer with a lot of exploration for the SNES. It came out in 1994. It's a sequel to Metroid for NES and Metroid II for the Gameboy. At the time it was the biggest cartridge ever at 24 megabits which was unheard of at that time. Does size matter? Let's find out.The intro is amazing where the main character Samus Aran goes to a planet to help the last baby Metroid and when she arives the space pirate Ridley kidnaps it and sets off a bomb and gives you one minute to...

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As far as 2D games go Super Metroid is the best. 0

In 1987 a lone bounty hunter named ,Samus Aran, went to the planet Zebes to destroy Mother Brain and eliminate the Metroids on that planet. She succeeded (or so she thought) and the galaxy was safe once more. In 1992 Samus dawned her power suit for a second time to take out the queen Metroid and take them all out once and for all. After it was over the last of the Metroids hatched from an egg and mistook Samus for it's mother. Instead of killing it she took it with her. This is where Super Metro...

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Best of the series?!?!?! 4

As far as games for my  Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) goes, this one sits very high on the charts. The first time i played the game was at a friends house, and on his SNES, not my own. I owned the first Metroid for the regular NES. For whatever reason, possibly b/c it was the first NES game that i purchased on my own, i always loved the game, even with all of it's back tracking and confusing world layout. I had to wait a very long time before it would see a sequal, and even though s...

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The last fast and loose Metroid game 0

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was home to arguably the greatest library of games on any single console. It had games that set new standards in graphic technology, and stretched 2D gaming beyond the limits of the imagination of the NES-era player. Super Metroid is one such game. As advertised, it contains console-gaming's first ever two-screen-tall boss, but this feat pales in comparison to the astounding quality of Super Metroid as a whole game experience. Its 2D, sprite-based graphics...

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From There to Here 0

I've been living in New York City for almost 6 months and I still get lost all the time. Even with pre-trip research, I regularly go the wrong way or pass my destination. Typically, before venturing out of my apartment I'll Google Map my destination to look for nearby subway stations, and if there is one in close proximity I'll open a subway map pdf to plot my route. If there are no nearby subway stations I'll Google Map driving directions and look for parking options. Planning the expedition is...

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Not all parts have aged well, but whats left is still great 0

 The first thing one notices when launching Super Metroid is that it is unusually option heavy for an Nintendo game. Not only can one configure the button layout, but also a few other things such as "moon walk" (walking backward when holding the shoot button) and icon cancel (automatically deselects icon on room change). The default control scheme is also pretty unusual in using X for shoot and A for jump, instead of the normal Y and B combination. That aside the control scheme also feels a litt...

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In my top 5 SNES games. 0

The inter-galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran discovers an egg that immediately hatches revealing a small Metroid larva. The creature becomes attached to Samus thinking her as its mother. Samus takes the creature to a group of scientist on an asteroid known as Ceres Space Colony for testing, and learns that the creature has incredible energy levels that can be harnessed for good. After leaving the colony, Samus receives a distress call, and upon returning she's thrust into a battle with a creature...

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Super Metroid SNES 0

From the start of the game, you are put into the action packed life of our leading woman, Samus Aran. Briefly, she educates you on past experiences of the Metroid franchise and thus sets the back story to this sci-fi adventure. After an awesome (by 1993 standards) self-destruction sequence and "orchestral synth beat" laden song, you are thrust upon the familiar planet Zebes. Here you will gain "power-ups" for Samus' signature ketchup and mustard colored Power Suit; some old and some new, all bad...

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First Class 0

This is the one that made me love the Metroid games after being more ambivalent about them previously, thanks to various quality of life improvements, improved and evolved controls (8-way aiming! Toggleable equipment! Wall jumps!), a great map system but also all the other things fleshing out the experience in a more subtle and refined way like the environmental storytelling focus and improved sense of place. Plus the unnecessary but cool things like power bomb healing.World design and atmospher...

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Quick Review of the Best of the Metroid Series 2

Originally posted on my blogSuper Metroid is yet another one of those games that I never played during its actual lifespan. A full two systems after the launch of the game, I finally played Super Metroid on a ROM (DISCLAIMER: ROMs are morally and potentially legally wrong and I do not play them any more at all) prior to the release of Metroid Prime, just to see what all the hubbub was about and get some perspective on one of the most lauded franchises that I’d never played. Since I was playing t...

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Subtlety Trumps All 0

"Atmosphere" in today's world of video games is a term usually reserved for the description of a game's world, and rarely anything more than that. Perhaps one of the greatest achievements that Super Metroid has achieved over its twenty-year legacy is how that word can be applied to practically every aspect of this masterpiece. Sure, in the end, each attribute in regards to atmosphere can be recalled back to its world, but that world is shaped from each of those components. If nothing else, Super...

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If I played this when I was 8 when it originally came out I would 0

 Well after never really playing this game until 2010, I feel like it is great game that still holds up in todays standards. I always remember people telling me how great it was but I never had a chance to really play it since I never owned the game. But thanks to the Virtual Console I was finally given the chance. To start off the only Metroid games I have played before this one was Fusion and Prime 1 and 2,Pinball and Hunters. But this game although short was very fun to play and I know if I p...

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