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    Super Monday Night Combat

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 19, 2012

    The deadly futuristic sport of Monday Night Combat returned with a free-to-play sequel, bringing with it new combatants and environments. It was later discontinued on May 24, 2018.

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    Super Monday Night Combat (frequently known as Super MNC) was a free-to-play multiplayer-focused sci-fi third-person shooter developed and digitally released by Uber for the PC (via Steam) on April 19, 2012. The online servers were later shut down on May 24, 2018.

    The sequel to the 2010 game Monday Night Combat, Super Monday Night Combat added new playable characters (now called Pros) and a new set of arenas (including non-stadium environments). It also featured new gameplay mechanics (while placing a heavier emphasis on the series' Multiplayer Online Battle Arena elements).

    As the game was free-to-play, it included a microtransaction system for purchasing additional Pros (as the game rotated between six different Pros every week for free use, similar to League of Legends), cosmetic items (including uniforms and weapon skins), and taunts. Along with using real money, players earned Combat Credits by participating in matches, which were used for purchasing additional Pros, "Endorsements" (which alter stats), and "Products" (which apply special perks). Cosmetic items were also acquired as post-game prizes (known as Treasure Balls). The game was later released on non-Steam platforms, with alternate inventory and payment options.

    Super Monday Night Combat received periodical updates throughout 2012 and part of 2013 (up to March 15), adding new characters, arenas, cosmetic items, game modes, bugfixes, and quality-of-life updates. It was then abandoned by the developer until the closure of its servers.

    In the Giant Bomb community, the game is known for its cross-promotional content, where players could use limited-time promo codes at launch to acquire a three-part Uniform for the Veteran (made to resemble the Luchadeer) and a taunt for the Veteran (involving the site's logo).


    Super MNC places a heavier emphasis on the MOBA genre, while retaining much of its shooter-style elements. Games are 5 on 5, with each player selecting a pro and upgrading him or her throughout the course of the game. The goal of the game is for a team to lead their bots to the enemy's base to remove their Moneyball shields, and then subsequently destroy the enemy's Moneyball.

    Maps feature two bot paths, through which both teams (Hotshots/Red and Icemen/Blue) will have their own bots automatically travel and fight any enemy Pros or Bots they come across. There are also three types of neutral bots, which spawn in a separate floor of the arena (generally called the "jungle") denoted by their black/gray color scheme, which will attack any Pro they come across. Most enemy bots give a marginal amount of EXP and money on death, and neutral bots give a greater amount. Bots drop money in the form of coins, as well as powerups such as Churros (healing items), Pads (shield boosts), Juice, and rarely, Bacon, which buffs a Pro significantly until death. Juice, when full, can be used to break grapples, grant massive HP regeneration and unlimited critical hits for a limited period. Health also regenerates automatically without juice, albeit slowly; critical hits also happen randomly for any Pro at a base rate of 7%.

    The game begins with every Pro at level 1. As Pros gain money, they level up ($1 = 1 EXP). Each level grants increased health and improves damage ratings, the effectiveness of your attacks against the 3 different enemy types: bots, turrets and pros. The higher the rating the more damage you deal to enemies of that type. Leveling up will also award you with a single skill point to be spent in one of 5 areas- the respective Pro's three unique skills, an offensive skill to increase weapon damage and a defensive skill that increases total health and increases speed.

    Money is also stored in a separate counter (meaning getting $1 fills both the money counter and the EXP bar). Players can spend the money they've acquired on various buffs (Juice, regen, and movement speed), more bots that have various abilities, or two different environmental hazards- Ejectors (which knock back, slow down and damage enemy Pros in its affected area, and heavily damage bots in the same area), or the Annihilator, which destroys every enemy bot on the field and heavily damages enemy Pros. As the Annihilator is so powerful, it is on a 5 minute cooldown, costs $1000, and takes approximately five seconds to activate.

    Each bot path has turrets along it, which are shielded until an enemy bot damages it. Once the shield is down, Pros can damage the turret and take it out. The first set of turrets are level 2 laser turrets, the the middle set(s) are level 3 laser turrets, and the last set are level 3 rocket turrets. Each turret grants $100 to every enemy pro when killed.

    In order to keep games from becoming a stalemate, once a match passes 25 minutes the game will automatically spawn Jackbot XLs (which usually only spawn when a Moneyball goes down) to expedite the action.

    Bullseye, the MNC Mascot
    Bullseye, the MNC Mascot

    MNC's classic characters return. Bullseye, Juicebot and Chickey Cantor return and appear in the jungle with the neutral bots. Bullseye and Juicebot will drop powerups and award money when shot. Chickey acts like a boss that grants a buff and healing to the entire team of the teammate that kills him. The commentator from the original Monday Night Combat, Mickey Cantor, has been replaced by two new personalities; GG Stack and former combatant Chip Valvano.

    Because SMNC places a heavier emphasis on the MOBA genre, Pros that are higher level than another will have an advantage, as they will have better overall stats, as well as more skill points to spend. As killing an enemy Pro nets cash/experience, it's much more important in SMNC to not die to enemies, lest they outlevel the other team and win because of it.

    Players earn credits and Agent EXP for each game they play, earning more for wins and less for losses, and a bonus for each first win of the day they obtain. These credits can be used to buy Endorsements and Products, which give buffs (and debuffs for some Endorsements, depending on the Endorsement's effectiveness) to the Pro the player uses. Endorsements must be slotted before they can be used, and more slots are unlocked as the player gains more Agent EXP and levels up. Everyone can slot three different Products, and some Products do not activate until the player reaches a certain level in a match. Three Products are provided by default. Credits are also used to unlock Pros, offering alternatives to playing the free Pros rotated out for free with every update (usually every Thursday).

    At the end of every game, there is a random chance (a die is rolled every number of minutes, with increases chances with larger gaps between unsuccessful rolls) that a player will get a random Endorsement, Product, Taunt, Weapon Skin, Piece of Flair, or Gear Piece. This presents an alternative to grinding out Endorsements/Products, or buying Taunts/Weapon Skins/Gear/Flair and rewards players who stay until the end of the round.

    Game Modes

    • Super Crossfire - Standard five-on-five mode, where teams must escort their Bots to the enemy Moneyball (while preventing the opposing team from doing the same). Unlike the previous game, turrets are pre-built and can no longer be reconstructed or repaired.
    • Turbocross (added on May 24, 2012) - A more casual version of Super Crossfire, Turbocross includes rebuildable/repairable turrets, faster player movement, increased player lethality, and no passive improvements with Pro Levels (keeping teams in a level playing field throughout the match). Players can join matches-in-progress, with lobbies automatically rolling over to another match once the match ends.
    • Super Blitz (added on August 9, 2012) - Wave-based co-operative mode for up to five players. The team must defend their Moneyball from ever-increasing waves of Bots. Similar to the original game, players can build and repair turrets throughout the arena. Played on only one exclusive arena (the 1-800-QUERY-HELIOS Dome).


    Loco Moco Ruins
    Loco Moco Ruins

    Rather than the sterile stadium atmosphere of the previous game, Super Monday Night Combat featured arenas set in more organic environments.

    • Bullet Gorge Arena
    • Downtown Spunky Arena
    • Loco Moco Arena
    • Gun Mountain Arena (added on May 17, 2012)
    • Grenade III.XIV Arena (added on June 21, 2012, updated version of Grenade III Arena from the original game)


    Along with the six Classes from the original game (now called Pros and more resemble Heroes from MOBA games), the game included nine additional playable characters at launch (with two more added post-launch, for a total of 17 playable characters). Unlike the previous installment, teams in the base player-vs-player modes cannot have more than one player as the same Pro.

    Each of the 17 playable characters were split into five character classes (or "positions"):


    Versatile all-rounder combatants who can adapt to many situations thanks to their mobility.

    • Assault - The charismatic unofficial team leader, Assault carries both a fully-automatic Assault Rifle (which he can aim down the sights for better accuracy) and drum-fed Grenade Launcher. He also has access to remotely-detonated sticky grenades (Bomb), and can use his jetpack to hover around the battlefield (Fly) or charge at enemies to knock them back (Charge). Unlocked for players who utilized the Facebook connectivity feature of the game.
    • Karl - An android originally developed to infiltrate the lower social class (and failing), Karl has access to a semi-automatic laser-based weapon (the Handler, which can also fire a slow-moving energy projectile) and a grenade launcher (which fire highly-elastic "Bouncing Buddies"). He can also launch a semi-autonomous robot that follows enemies and detonate near them (Junior), use his propeller pack to leap into the air (Prop Hop), and stun enemies with electrically-charged projectiles (Short Circuit).
    • Megabeth - The lead singer of a grindcore band and a renowned roller-derby combatant from Indo-China, Megabeth carries both a shoulder-fired rocket launcher (the Rocket Ma'am, which has an optional laser-targeting system) and a modified paintball gun (the Bearing Hates) that fires hardened ball-bearings. She can also push enemies back by spinning in a large circle (Whirling Derbish), stun enemies using a ricocheting discus (Derby Disku), and perform a high-arcing long-jump with jets attached to her skates (Shoot The Moon).


    Although they are not as mobile as other Pros, Enforcers are large damage-sponges who are dangerous in close ranges.

    • Cheston - A clone of a famous English actor (who happens to be an intelligent gorilla), Cheston carries both a fully-automatic Tommy Gun (which he can fire while throwing banana peels that stun enemies) and a bejeweled cane (the Family Jewel) for powerful melee attacks. He can also set off a mighty roar to heal allies and buff their movement speed (Roar), throw barrels that explode on impact and set enemies on fire (Exploding Barrel), and run around on all fours, damaging enemies by shaking the ground (Rampage).
    • Gunner - Affable, relaxed, and protective, Gunner carries both a Minigun (which he can wind up beforehand) and a grenade launcher that fires mortars (the Mortar Launcher). He can also launch a homing missile at agile Pros (Rocket), deploy himself as a stationary turret for increased damage resistance and more firepower (Deploy), and stun enemies by slamming on the ground (Ground Slam).
    • Robo Hobo - Added on October 11, 2012. A street-cultured robot made of junk, Robo Hobo carries a slow-moving energy projectile launcher (the Sound Wave, which he can detonate mid-air) and an energy shotgun (the Bass Blaster). He can also deploy small cassette bots that chase enemies and fire lasers (Robo Bots), deploy a boombox that slows nearby enemies (Ghetto Blaster), and knock back enemies with a high-volume sound (Sound Blast).
    • Tank - A gruff (yet insecure) blue-collar brute, Tank carries a high-velocity flamethrower for shorter ranges (the Jet Gun, which he can use to spin around to deal damage to nearby enemies) and a flame-based Rail Gun. He can also charge forward with his jetpack to knock back enemies (Tank Charge), deploy a shield between himself and a single targeted enemy (Tank Shield), and throw grenades that both damage and "blind" enemies with spam advertising (Product Grenade).
    • Veteran - A massive professional wrestler, luchador, and former army veteran, Veteran carries a semi-automatic handgun (the Flying Falcon, which fires semi-homing energy bursts and can be used to create a small shockwave) and a spiked bar-stool (the Hot Seat) for melee attacks (which he can use to lunge forward). He can also knock enemies far away using wrestling techniques (Skid Row Throw), pull enemies towards him with an energy claw (Ka-Claw), and charge forward with his jetpack to knock back enemies (Freight Train).


    While they lack a significant amount of direct firepower, Defenders focus both on their automated turrets and their ability to heal and buff allies.

    • Combat Girl - A handywoman bearing a strong resemblance to the Pit Girl, the Combat Girl can use her portable Combat Healer to heal multiple allies at a time (which can also be used to drain the life of a targeted enemy) and carries an accurate rapid-fire Nail Gun. She can also deploy small automated turrets (Combat Kitties), temporarily buff all of her nearby turrets (Fortify), and unleash a powerful piercing laser (Combat Laser).
    • Leo - A clone of the real-life 15th century polymath Leonardo da Vinci, Leo carries a hit-scan laser that deals bonus area-of-effect damage (the Mona Laser, which can discharge a healing aura that is charged by dealing damage) and a multi-projectile crossbow (the Balestra). He can also throw out a device that can control an enemy Bot (Adoration of the AI), buff/heal nearby friendly Bots (Bot Code-X), and deploy a utility-focused turret that allows allies to teleport back to their spawn (Venice Defense).
    • Support - A laid-back supergenius, Support can use his Heal/Hurt Gun to quickly heal a targeted ally (which can also be used to drain the life of a targeted enemy) and carries a basic Shotgun. He can also deploy an automated turret (Firebase), temporarily buff his turret (Over Clock), and throw a beacon for an air-to-ground missile (Air Strike).


    While they can be difficult to use, have limited ranged capability, and have weak vitality, Commandos have excellent maneuverability and powerful close-range attacks.

    • Assassin - A silent and acrobatic combatant who carries a kunai-style Dagger for melee attacks (which can deal powerful grapple damage if done from behind) and a ricocheting Shuriken Launcher. She can also deploy smoke bombs to disorient enemy Pros and disable enemy Bots (Smoke Bomb), cloak herself to become undetectable (Cloak), and make very high jump (Leap).
    • Captain Spark - An enigmatic masked superhero (who was raised by hyper-intelligent electric mer-eels), Captain Spark carries a powerful electric saber for melee attacks (the Voltage Spike, which he can also use to both lunge and charge up electric projectiles) and an electric Ray Gun. He can also quickly teleport out of danger, even through walls and floors (Arc Flash), blind nearby enemies with an electric charge (Megahurtz), and throw an enemy behind him with a dramatic windmill kick (Flip Switch).
    • Wascot - A psychotic and obsessive fan of Bullseye the Mascot, Wascot carries a grenade launcher that fires fake exploding coins (the Coin Launcher, which can also launch fake Bacon to slow and damage enemies who run over it) and a paddle (the Heart Breaker) for melee attacks. He can also temporarily counter all grapples (Shifty Shuffle), fling himself with a grappling hook (Crook Hook), and debuff enemies (Party Pooper).


    While they can be difficult to use, have limited close-ranged capability, and have weak vitality, Sharpshooters have powerful long-range attacks that can deal additional damage on headshots.

    • Artemis - Added on July 3, 2012. A feared Outlander mutated by the radioactive wastelands, Artemis carries both a powerful hunting bow (the Skewer, which she can focus to "zoom in" and charge up her shot for additional damage and penetrating power) and a mutated creature that fires quills (the Foie Gras). She can also irradiate an targeted enemy to remove armor, deal damage, and highlight to allies (Irradiate), throw a boomerang that pierces enemies (Outerang), and send out a creature that slows and locks out the skills of a nearby enemy (Biological Warfare).
    • Gunslinger - A clone of a famous outlaw (who was inspired by folklore of 19th century North America), Gunslinger carries a powerful un-scoped rifle that can pierce through targets (the Lucinda, which she can aim down the sights for better accuracy) and a revolver (the Love Pistol). She can also temporarily boost the firing rate of her weapons (Trigger Happy) and use her Accursed Pistol to fire a cone of bullets in front of her (Gun Flurry) or slow targeted enemies (Knee Cap).
    • Sniper - Antisocial, arrogant, and enthusiastic, Sniper carries a powerful semi-automatic Sniper Rifle (which can be zoomed-in to a first-person scoped view for longer ranges) and a rapid-fire SMG. He can also deploy traps that freeze enemies in place (Traps), throw a projectile that delivers shrapnel mid-air (Flak), and can perform a dedicated grapple that operates on a separate timer (Grapple).

    System Requirements

    • OS: XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, VRAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound cards

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