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The Rules Have Changed 0

Super Monday Night Combat isn't a shooter, per se. I mean, it has shooting, quite a lot, actually, but it doesn't fit neatly into any single shooter bucket. While it's third person, and you're playing five on five, team versus team, the actual game plays a lot like League of Legends, even to the point of having the same character unlock scheme. While I'm all for a free game, if you really like a character, you might feel like putting down two~five dollars to buy them outright, because otherwise ...

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Super Monday Night Logistics 0

When you first load up Super Monday Night Combat, as someone who played the original Monday Night Combat, you will notice the drastic changes they made to the game. As someone who played the original Monday Night Combat and someone who has been a fan of MOBAs' since DOTA I can say that Super Monday Night Combat is an actual MOBA. Monday Night Combat while entertaining did not have the long lasting appeal that actual MOBA games offer. Other than the strategies you developed before the game throug...

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