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The Super Mushroom Orb from Mario Parties 6 and 7. 
The Super Mushroom Orb from Mario Parties 6 and 7. 
The Super Mushroom, seen in the Mushroom Kingdom, has many uses.  When touched by Mario or Luigi, they grow in size, and can withstand one hit without dying.  This hit, however, will revert the plumber in question to his normal state.  In kart racing, as in Super Mario Kart, the Super Mushroom gives the kart a speed boost for about a second.  During Mario Parties, the Super Mushroom awards the user a 2nd or 3rd die to roll, with the exception of the original Mario Party, where the Super Mushroom, coming from a Mushroom Space, awards the player an additional turn. In the RPG based games, such as Super Mario RPG, the Paper Mario series, and the Mario & Luigi series, Super Mushrooms are used to replenish HP. In the Super Smash Bros. franchise of games, it makes the character bigger for a little while.

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