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    Super Mutant

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    Super Mutants are mutated humans infected by the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV). Taller, bigger, and stronger than regular humans, they consider themselves the superior race.

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    Super Mutants are severely mutate humans in the Fallout universe. They have been infected by the Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV, a mega virus dating back to before the Great War as a research project for a universal immunity to all known diseases.



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    Super Mutants retains many human physical characteristics that have been exaggerated due to mutant. On average, they stand over 10 feet tall and weigh around 800 pounds of hardened muscle and bone structure, giving them incredible strength. Their skin is extremely thick and tough, with varying color depending on the origin of the super mutant and strain of the FEV.

    They are composed of almost entirely of muscle and very little body fat, with muscle accounting for over 75% of their body mass while fat only composing 3-5%. Bone and tissue equally make up the rest of the mass. Due to their increased relative muscle composition, super mutants developed a visible hunched stance - but still standing almost 8 feet tall.

    Cellular Structure

    Although with a cellular structure is very similar to that of normal humans, their cellular division occurs faster, with a mitosis rate 15% quicker than that found in pure human strains. The mutated DNA also displays a near flawless genome, erasing all recessive genes responsible for many of the most common human ailments, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The RNA of a super mutant produces quicker cellular transcription, which results in an enhanced ability to repair and regenerate. These mutations make super mutants almost biologically immortal, although they are able to be killed from physical injury.

    Origins of Super Mutants

    Though most physical and biological characteristics are universal across all super mutants, there are variations in super mutants depending on where they were "created" and which strain of the FEV was used.

    West Coast Super Mutants

    Marcus, a West Coast Super Mutant
    Marcus, a West Coast Super Mutant

    Super Mutants first appeared on the west coast the United States in the early 22nd Century. They were created by Richard Grey after personally being infected by the FEV while exploring the Mariposa Military Base. Grey turned into a fleshy, tentacled blob, but remaining sentient and developed psychic powers. Renaming himself "The Master", he believed that he can unify the Wastelands by infecting all humans and turning them into Super Mutants. Under his "Unity" plan, the Master began using his power to abduct humans and transforming them into his super mutant army.

    East Coast Super Mutants

    Super Mutants on the east coast trace their origins back to two different locations: Vault 87 in the Capital Wasteland and the Commonwealth around the Boston area.

    Vault 87 Mutants

    The super mutants in the Capital Wasteland trace back to Vault 87. They were first created in 2078 when the original residents of Vault 87 were infected with a genetically-modified version of the FEV virus, as part of the Evolutionary Experimentation Program (EEP) by Vault-Tec.

    The Vault 87 super mutants become obsessed with the preservation of their new new species by any means necessary. Since the virus turned all super mutants sterile, they kidnap humans in the Capital Wasteland and bring them back to the vault to be injected with the FEV.

    Institute Mutants

    The super mutants in the Boston area of the Commonwealth are the result of on an ongoing experiment by the Institute started by Dr. Frederick in 2178. They kidnapped normal people in the Commonwealth and experimented on inside of the FEV Lab of the Bioscience Division. They were examined before and after being submerged in the FEV while later being tagged and released back into the Commonwealth.

    These mutants different from their brethren in that they display intelligence on the same level of normal humans, with relatively advanced understand of armor, weapons and craftsmanship. They are able to create their own armor and weapon modifications, even constructing their own security systems.


    Super Mutant

    The most common, and weakest, variety of super mutant. They typically carry a pipe weapon and travel is groups that are led by a stronger super mutant.

    Super Mutant Suicider

    These super mutants carry a beeping mini nuke and will run furiously at an enemy. When close to its target, the Suicider will denote the bomb, killing itself and its enemies in a fiery, nuclear explosion.

    Super Mutant Skirmisher

    Significantly tougher than regular super mutants and able to take more damage while wielding more powerful weapons

    Super Mutant Brute

    More powerful than Skirmishers and able to take even more damage than their lower brethren.

    Super Mutant Enforcer

    Stronger than even Brutes, Enforcers are heavily armored with more deadly weapons.

    Super Mutant Master

    The leaders of the common, small Super Mutant groups, Masters have incredible damage resistance and are usually equipped with heavy ballistic weapons such as missle launchers or miniguns.

    Super Mutant Overlord

    Overlords are super mutants that are in the middle of evolving from regular mutants into Behemoths, and are half-way between them in size. Unlike the lower variants, they are often seen in only pairs or alone.

    Super Mutant Primus

    Leaders of big groups of super mutants, Primus are most often seen at big outposts carrying missile launchers, super sledges, or even Fat Man launchers.

    Super Mutant Warlord

    The third strongest variation, Warlords are extremely damage resistant, able to withstand multiple head and limb shots from high powered weapons without being crippled.

    Super Mutant Behemoth

    Behemoths are by far the largest and most powerful of the super mutants. Standing at around 20 feel tall, they are many times larger than any other humanoid creature and almost as tall as a Mirelurk Queen. Unlike their smaller counterparts, Behemoths do not speak, rather make monstrous roars. They carry a cage on their back made of shopping carts, meant to carry captured humans to be mutated into a fellow super mutant or eaten.

    Epic Behemoth

    Epic Behemoths are immensely powerful compared to average Behemoths and more clever during combat, intelligently using trees and other barriers for protection. They stand more upright in posture and quicker


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