What games would you add to the SNES Classic if you could?

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#1 Posted by Sombre (422 posts) -

Hey gang!

So, I've had a SNES Classic for a while. Like many of you, I grew up on the SNES, and really fell in love with games because of it. My ONLY problem with the SNES Classic is that all the games on there are games I played as a kid. That's not a bad point, cause they're some of the best games ever made, but I would like to be exposed to some more..."unusual" stuff.

If you could have added other games to the SNES Classic, what would they be? I just added the "Namingway" edition of FF4 onto mine, which adds a proper translation, extra descriptions, and all in all good shit to it.

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#2 Posted by soulcake (2781 posts) -

Act Raiser and Act Raiser II atleast those where the ones i added first to my Snes Classic

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#3 Posted by Quantris (1303 posts) -

Tales of Phantasia is one of my all-time favorites; an official english release on SNES would be wonderful.

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#4 Edited by Justin258 (15651 posts) -

I devoted the five minutes it takes to mod it and put a lot of stuff on it. Most significantly, I put DKC2 and 3 on there along with Chrono Trigger. I also put the other two Mega Man X games on there. I put a lot of other stuff on there, too, but I don't remember everything right now.

I want to get a Super NT but the convenience of the SNES Mini I already have makes it hard to justify that cost.

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#5 Posted by Chamurai (26 posts) -

I would add the Super Star Wars Trilogy as well as the aforementioned Actraiser. Soul Blader/Blazer is another quality Enix game and for some good Contra-like fun with friends I would say Pocky and Rocky 2.

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#6 Posted by Sombre (422 posts) -

Oh also, while we're here I guess, is there any way to reset the console without pressing the reset button? It's a bit of a pain when I'm on my couch and need to go over to my TV to push reset

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#8 Edited by darkvare (1029 posts) -

the 3 final fights, demon's crest, joe and mac 1 and 2, nosferatu, sunset riders, turtles in time, ghoul patrol and zombies ate my neighbours

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#9 Posted by ltcolumbo (163 posts) -

@sombre: I think holding L +R+start+select will reset the game. Only the game, though, not the console.

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#10 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (759 posts) -

I suppose it'd be nice to have Chrono Trigger on there, but I really only use them to play the included Mario and Zelda titles whenever I get the itch to. I kind of just see the NES Classic and the SNES Classic as neat things to have on a shelf and not the preferred method for playing older games.

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#11 Posted by Ungodly (449 posts) -

Chrono Trigger, if only to have all my favorite SquareSoft games in one place. Other than that Illusion of Gia, or SimCity would be cool.

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#12 Posted by hermes (2611 posts) -

Killer Instinct 1 and Mortal Kombat 2

Super Mario All Stars and Yoshi's Island

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