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    Super Noah's Ark 3D

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1994

    Super Noah's Ark 3D is a first-person shooter where the Biblical figure, Noah, must tame the animals that have escaped from their cages during the legendary voyage of the Ark. It's notable as the only unlicenced Super Nintendo game ever created during the system's lifespan.

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    Super Noah’s Ark 3D was created by Wisdom Tree and released in 1994. The Nazi enemies from the original game have been replaced with sheep, goats, camels, and other animals, and the guns were replaced with a few different types of slingshots. Players control Noah, who must feed all the rogue animals until they fall asleep by shooting grain and other foods at them with a slingshot. Super Noah’s Ark 3D was the only unlicensed Super Nintendo game ever released, and the cartridge was black and oddly shaped. In order to even play the game, players had to insert a licensed SNES game into the slot built into the top of the Noah’s Ark cartridge, to allow it to bypass a SRAM check that would determine if the cartridge was official, illegally exploiting the system and getting around Nintendo's built-in safeguards against unlicensed games.


    Whilst in the ark, the animals have all become restless and have escaped their pens. Now it’s up to Noah to restore order and get the animals back in their places before the trip is over. The animals must not be killed, as they are the last animals on Earth, so Noah must slingshot food into their mouths, calming them and putting them to sleep. Subduing all the animals and returning them to their pens will thus bring the journey to an end.

    Steam version

    Piko Interactive acquired the license for Super Noah's Ark 3D and released a remastered version of the game for all three Steam compatible platforms on June 23, 2015.


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