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    Super Princess Peach

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 20, 2005

    Mario and friends are kidnapped and Princess Peach must rescue them.

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    Taking the helm of Princess Peach in this game adds a interesting twist to classic Mario game play. Gamers, reminiscent of controlling her in Super Mario 2, will see that she plays similarly with some added tricks. Equipped with the RAW power of emotion, and a Happy Umbrella that eats people, she goes on a quest to defeat Bowser and do the saving this time around.

    Standard Mario levels make their appearance (snow, desert, underwater, etc.) and Princess Peach treks through them collecting coins and puzzle pieces. The coins can be used to buy things in a store, like abilities. Puzzle pieces serve no other purpose than mini game puzzles that can be played on the side.

    Also included is a bestiary, that gets added to with every enemy that gets eaten by Princess Peach's umbrella. Eating enemies also adds to Peach's special bar that activates her "vibe powers".

    Peach's Vibe Powers (Special Abilities)

    Throughout Peach's adventure, she has some special "vibe powers" at her disposal. All four can be activated via the DS touch screen, and are used for a number of different situations. They can only be used when her vibe gauge is full or partially saturated.

    • Joy: This vibe power allows for Peach to float in the air for an amount of time and spin around in a cyclone
    • Gloom: This makes peach cry near rivers in order to let specific plants sprout up or to put out fires in levels. It also gives her more speed when running.
    • Rage: Flames surround Peach. This vibe serves as a powerful attack as well as being useful to burn wooden bridges with goodies underneath them, along with melting ice.
    • Calm: When this vibe is activated, Peach's health will slowly regenerate.

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