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    Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 28, 2007

    A PS2 remake of the first two SRW OG games released on the GBA, includes improved graphics and animation, new battle systems, extra levels and some all new plot.

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    New Features

    Twin Battle System. A variation of SRW Alpha 2's and Alpha 3's Squad System, this allows two robots to combine into a single team (represented by one unit on the map).
    • Unlike the Super Robot Wars Alpha series, teams can be formed on the map at will.
    • Twin Command Spirit Commands (seishin) can only be used while in a team. They use SP from both team members.
    • When fighting a single enemy unit, both team members attack the enemy (somewhat similar to Super Robot Wars Impact's and MX's Command Attack).
    • When fighting an enemy team, the main unit attacks the enemy main, while the sub unit fights the enemy sub.
    • ALLW Attacks, a combination of the Alphas' ALL Attack and MX's Double Attack, allows a unit to attack all members in two adjacent teams.
    • Seperate teams can perform Support Attack with each other.
    Ace Bonuses. Each pilot gains a bonus skill when they reach 50 kills. Later appears in Super Robot Wars A Portable.
    Special Ammo. There are items in the game that allows the player to modify certain stats on equippable weapons.

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