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Awesome animations, and a great story.

As much as I hate to say it,Super Robot Taisen W wasn't a thrilling experience,but still fun to play through.Maybe because I didn't like Gundam Seed at all.In fact,for some reason,I have a feeling Gundam Seed will be included again in the next Super Robot Taisen game for the DS(Excluding Mugen No Frontier OG Saga).Anyway,nevermind that...
Super Robot Taisen W is the first Super Robot Taisen game released for the DS,and expect more Super Robot Taisen games for the DS.Expect Original Generation 3 to be released for the DS.Oh my god,enough with the off topic discussion about Super Robot Taisen,heh heh...heh?

Anyway,the series include such as all three of GaoGaiGar,Voltron(Go-Lion),Tekkaman,Detonator Orgun,and much more such as Mazin....kaiser.As much as I hate to see another damn mazinger series in Super Robot Taisen,ENOUGH WITH IT!!!!I'm beginning to hate to see rocket punches,breast beams and photon beams all over the damn place.

The story in this game is okay-ish,with awesome new banpresto originals to enjoy with.It's mainly a huge story combination of all the series included in this game such as fighting Dr.Hell with Mazinger,or fighting the Jovians with the Nadesico Crew,and such.As you continue along the game,there will be a confusing ending,but you will be prompted to pick another favorite series along the Second-Half of the story,where new series comes in.Such as most of the Gundam Seed crew,who doesn't appear in the first-half of the game.Really,i can't explain the story to you guys,but there is a story guide for this game for all you importers,so read it,to maximize your fun with this game.

Ah,yes,aside from the story,this is where the fun begins.Watching battle sequences gets old for me now,for some reason.Maybe because I can't read japanese in the battle sequences,which reduces the fun I have watching them.It seems you can't choose between original robots like in previous super robot games,but nevertheless,your robot has plenty of dynamic kills for you to enjoy with.The game's gameplay is all about moving your real and super robots around a map,doing story objectives.There are bunch of stuff to do,such as upgrading your mechs,raising your pilots' stats,or changing pilots to different mechs they can use.You can also use seishins,which can help you with your battles,such has focus,which gives you a 30% bonus with your hit and evasion,or you can use Valor,boosting your next attack twice the damage you would do to your enemy.The gameplay in this game is straight-forward,and there are also terrains in maps,which has battle bonuses.It's pretty much like the Fire-Emblem series,or any other JRPG-Stragety games you played with,except your get to see battle sequences with your favorite anime robot series.

Although I didn't really enjoy the music in this game,I still liked most of them.The gaogaigar theme has been toned down from the previous Alpha 3 theme,but it's still nice to hear.Each series has it's own theme music,and some of each villains have thier own theme music.I really love the Villian Original theme music for some reason.The sound in this game is what you would expect it to be.Gravity charging or missle shooting from a battleship,you can hear all sorts of sound in this game.The sound is perfect,and it makes the battle sequences much better.


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