Super Rub 'a' Dub

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 02, 2007

    Using the SIXAXIS motion controls, you must race against time and various hazards to recover and guide your ducklings to safety in this game for the PlayStation 3.

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    Gasp! It's not kusoge!

    This game apparently developed a decent meme following over the years for being a real piece of shit. It sure does have a lot of demerits when you look at the back of the proverbial box. It's a PSN exclusive from the murky early years of the PlayStation 3. The art style is simple, even dull. It predates the advent of trophies on Sony platforms, so in this day and age you're playing for token glory on basically dead monthly leaderboards. And of course, there's the SIXASIS integration.

    Here's the rub (aha!) though: it's totally playable. The game is sort of a top down Flicky by way of Super Monkey Ball. You reorient a small bath tub themed map such that a rubber duck is cast about to collect smaller ducks, in order to guide them to a small exit portal somewhere on the map. About half of the game's 60 levels have toy sharks in the water as well, who will home onto you and your little ducklings (complete with Metal Gear Solid vamp sound effect) and eat the little ones. Your score is a function of time to complete a level, number of living ducks out of the total number in the level, and the maximum number of ducks you extricated in one run. Thus, tension comes from chaining as many as three dozen ducklings along while avoiding leading them over the edge of maps or into the mouths of toy sharks.

    This sort of precision is basically the outside edge of what the SIXAXIS could do. I managed to get through the first two sets of twenty levels in the game in a little under an hour, collecting a few gold medal times along the way. The last tier of levels does up the challenge, and it was here that that gently tilting a Dualshock controller around as a means of control started to really grind on me. But I was honestly surprised at how much I was enjoying myself as I retried levels to trim seconds and find more optimal pathing, coaxing some truly sweet moves out of this strange little motion controller. What's more, this is one of a paltry handful of games for the PS3 with full 1080p support. The game looks pretty good! It's only rendering a handful of small models at a time, but the water is beautiful.

    Super Rub 'a' Dub is not going to blow your mind or necessarily make you into a big fan of SIXASIS games (I'm planning on playing L*A*I*R soon...) but taken on its own small, downloadable game merits it's totally fine.

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