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    Resembling a bazooka, the Super Scope is Nintendo's short-lived light-gun accessory for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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    The Super Scope (known as the Nintendo Scope in Europe) is a first-party light-gun accessory developed by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992.

    Resembling a bazooka, the Super Scope is measured at around 2-3 feet long and features a detachable eyepiece mount (the "scope") that can be used ambidextrously. Most of its controls are located at the top of the accessory (including the large FIRE button, the PAUSE button, and a switch used for controlling both power and turbo fire), with a secondary CURSOR button behind the front grip.

    Unlike its predecessor (the NES Zapper for the Nintendo Entertainment System), the Super Scope does not flash the screen to detect shots. However, it still uses the CRT screen as a factor and is only compatible with CRT TVs/monitors. Also unlike the NES Zapper, the light-gun itself is completely wireless, only requiring the position of a special box (the Receiver) in front of the screen and in-game calibration before gameplay.

    Despite its short-lived library of compatible games and limited appeal, the Super Scope was later featured as an in-game weapon in the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series (starting with Super Smash Bros. Melee). It was also used as a prop in the Super Mario Bros. film.

    Supported Games

    Battle Clash, a mecha-themed rail-shooter made by Nintendo that fully utilizes the Super Scope
    Battle Clash, a mecha-themed rail-shooter made by Nintendo that fully utilizes the Super Scope

    Along with Super Scope 6, which was bundled with the peripheral, the Super Scope is compatible with eleven additional games:

    Some games feature simultaneous co-operative mulitplayer support, allowing a second player to join in using the standard SNES controller (or even the SNES Mouse accessory for rail-shooters). For Lamborghini American Challenge and Yoshi's Safari, this allows for "I Shoot, You Drive" gameplay.


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