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    Super Scribblenauts

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 12, 2010

    Building upon the innovative Scribblenauts, the sequel brings adjectives, vastly improved controls, and deeper levels and puzzles. Adjectives modify game objects in realistic ways, allowing players to make use of Angry Fridges and Gentlemanly Raptors as they progress through over 100 levels.

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    Many remember the first Scribblenauts as a game with great ideas and poor execution. Stylus-only controls that felt very loose, an out of control camera that kept snapping back, and wonky physics caused many gamers to dislike it despite its premise. Levels were also seen as too shallow, too easy, or simply too confusing.

    Super Scribblenauts sets out to right all of the previous wrongs. D-Pad controls, tweaked physics, and more involved levels all improve on the already stellar formula of the original. Thankfully they went a step further and also added adjectives, which modify objects with a variety of effects. There are now over 10,000 new words recognized by the game - most of them adjectives.

    WB Games later released a version of the Scribblenauts for IOS under the title Scribblenauts Remix


    At 120 levels, Super Scribblenauts at a glance appears only to have half the levels of the original. However, as 5th Cell states, individual levels are longer, more involved, and focus more on solving puzzles rather than pure platforming challenges. Levels are not be split into action/puzzle as they were in the first game.

    AT E3 2010, several concept levels were shown, including one where the player had to bribe a long line of people waiting for a game, giving each person an item they would want. Another level had Maxwell using various potions (thanks to adjectives) to help turn a man into a dragon. A green potion, a scales potion, and a flying potion all combined to do the trick. These levels later appeared in the final game.


    Object spawning returns from the original, and like before you can summon just about any item you can think of, so long as it's not too vulgar or copyrighted. You can then use these objects as you would in real life; a fire extinguisher can put out a fire, you can climb a ladder, and dogs chase after cats.

    The sequel's focus on puzzle levels means that gamers will not be able to form a "toolbelt" of repeatedly used objects, as was the case in the original. This should allow most levels to be solved with a diverse and unique set of words that most people might not have thought of on their own. Of course the sandbox mode from the original returns, allowing you to summon whatever objects you want without constraint.

    Like before, Super Scribblenauts comes packed with memes, easter eggs, and various other references. The entire cast of Mega64 can be spawned if their full names are entered, as can all of the credited developers.


    The addition of adjectives allows players to modify objects they spawn in the world in predictable ways. A red car would be red, a blue car blue, and a polka dotted car would have the required pattern. These modifiers also allow gamers to tailor items to specific situations to help puzzles. For instance, an "exploding banana" can attract feral gorillas into a delicious, potassium-filled trap.

    Adjectives can also modify non-physical attributes. A "friendly dragon" does not attack you, whereas an "irritated student" will. Furthermore, these adjectives can give inanimate objects life. One journalist at E3 decided to make an angry, armed fridge (armed with a sword) fight an equally angry and equally armed dishwasher. Both items brandished their weapons and attacked one another.

    You may also string adjectives together to combine multiple effects on a single object. The sheer amount of cosmetic, physical and mental changes, and combinations is rather staggering. A friendly, purple, pregnant dragon eventually gives birth, producing a smaller purple dragon, and becoming a skinny, friendly, purple dragon.

    Pre-Order Bonuses

    Maxwell's Headphones
    Maxwell's Headphones

    Those that pre-ordered the game at GameStop received headphones based on those Maxwell wears in the game. They came in three different colors; solid gray, camouflage, and purple with white polka dots.


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