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    Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo

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    The follow up to 2013's PlayStation Mobile game, Super Skull Smash GO!

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    The player must stop the Evil King from invading the Kingdom of Bones by jumping on skeletons, and smashing their skulls on shrines. The game has three types of levels; Smash, Puzzle and Boss.

    Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo is a game about jumping on skeletons and then taking the skulls from those fallen skeletons and smashing them against a shrine in order to purify their bones.

    Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo’s visuals are designed after the 8 bit style of home consoles from the 80s. It strictly adheres to some limitation of those systems such as limited color count per tile and sprite but deliberately shuns others such as limitations of background scrolling and limited color palettes.

    The design and layout of the levels, characters and enemies is designed to evoke a nostalgic feeling while the broken limitations allow for a deeper control of the atmosphere and visual dynamic in each scene.

    The game is set on the islands comprising the KINGDOM OF BONES. Each island has it’s own visual style, color palette and authentic chip-tune music. There are 8 islands in the kingdom of bones (plus three mini-boss islands) and the final boss island.

    The islands include Haunted Village, Spooky Steppe, Poison Plains, Violent Volcano and so on. Across the islands the player will find the scattered villagers from the haunted village.

    When found they will give nuggets of advice or set the mood or advance the story. The islands are also populated by the minions of the EVIL KING who is trying to spread his skeleton hordes across the KINGDOM OF BONES in order to annoy the villagers.

    The player must explore each level in order to find each skeleton and then work out how to get the skull back to the shrine in order to purify the lands. Each normal level also includes two other objectives. There are hidden coins and a secret gem to find in each normal level. A timer also keeps track of time in all levels encouraging replay. The final game screen gives a total time for all levels.

    In addition to the normal levels there are puzzle levels in which the player must use strange mechanical platforms (which the player can pick up and move to other locations or sources of power) in order to find a path to a heart piece which will increase the player’s heart total for all other levels.

    There are also five boss levels in which the player is tasked with destroying a giant mecha-skeleton or defeating the EVIL KING. Both kinds of boss level require the player to use each boss’s own power against it. Across the game there are many hidden secrets. Each secret is a one-off event which is tied to a trophy. Some are simply hidden collectibles. Others require the player to find food hidden in a level and deliver it to a hungry character or find a secret pie and throw it in the face of a zombie (causing it to blindly stumble off a ledge).

    The game begins with the ‘wandering’ player arriving at the outskirts of the haunted village. Here they learn of the prophecy and how spooky it is to live under the EVIL KING. The villagers ask the player for her help. After learning the basics the player cleanses the outskirts and moves onto the haunted village. When cleansing a whole island is complete a poison barrier is destroyed and the player can move on to the next island.

    Between some islands there is a mini-boss island where a skeleton in a giant robot will try to stop the player’s progress. Half way through the game the EVIL KING will appear and bother

    the player. After cleansing all the islands and making it to the final island the EVIL KING will appear a second time and a much harder battle will ensue. Should the player defeat the EVIL KING he will drop his crown. The player has a choice at this point but it is not explicit. The game will not end until the player has picked up the crown. Should the player hold the crown for more than 5 seconds then the first ending will be earned. In this ending the player becomes the new KING and rules over the kingdom of

    bones. Should the player throw the crown into the acid then the crown is destroyed and the second ending is earned. In this ending there are no more kings in the kingdom of bones.


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