Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

    Game » consists of 17 releases. Released Sep 13, 2014

    Collectively known as "Super Smash Bros. 4", the fourth installment of Nintendo's fighting game series was released for both the Wii U console and the handheld Nintendo 3DS.

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    A Rewarding Fighting Experience On the Go, Despite Its Limitations 0

    Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS delivers all the kinetic fast-paced action one would expect from a console edition of the revered franchise in portable package...with a few compromises.At its heart, this is 'Smash as players have come to grow and love it. A huge roster of 49 characters spanning several popular franchises including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, and Fire Emblem come together for this bout, though little else has changed in terms of basic gameplay. Indeed, characters st...

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    ...Maybe wait for the Wii U version instead. 5

    SSB3DS has an attractive cell-shaded look to it, though you can choose to tone it down slightly if you wish.I have never owned a Nintendo Entertainment System, nor its Super variety. What few games I've played that originated on that system have all been emulated elsewhere, and when I mean few I quite literally mean maybe... between 3-5 games. While I also eventually became a proud owner of an N64 and GameCube, my nostalgia for Nintendo has never run especially deep.Yet despite that, the Super S...

    9 out of 13 found this review helpful.

    Super Smash Bros for 3DS Review 0

    It’s finally happened. Super Smash Bros has finally made it’s way to Nintendo’s portable world. It’s something that I wondered about since the original announcement – ‘Wii U AND 3DS? What!?’. At first I was skeptical, how would this work on the 3DS? After playing the game for more hours than I’d like to tell, I can safely say that Super Smash Bros for the 3DS is fantastic.Super Smash Bros is unlike traditional fighting games. There aren’t an...

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    A lot of fun on not enough space 0

    So, as someone who grew up on Nintendo consoles and had played the 3 previous Smash Bros games avidly with his brothers, I was immediately drawn to Smash 4 when it was announced. I followed the hype and the videos for months before it came out, and the very night it came out, I downloaded it, my brothers downloaded it, and we texted our sister across the country to download it as well.What I'm trying to say is, I love this series, and Smash 4 is an excellent entry, even though it isn't the Melee...

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    Smashing times. 0

    Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. (SSB3DS... Yea gonna call it Smash 4 for this review because some times making the title shorter. Makes it just as long.) Smash 4 is the first Smash Bros. game on a portable system; and the first of the games to ever be released on two platforms. This review is for the 3DS version. If I put out a review for the Wii U version.. I will make a separate review. This review will pertain spoilers so.. You have been warned. (then again this is a brawler fighting game. Spo...

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    Super Smash Bros mixes the legacies of its predecessors on the Wii U, while making every other "next-gen" game seem tiny 0

    It's been fifteen years since Nintendo released its experimental crossover fighter for the Nintendo 64. During that time-span, the series has transitioned through four different console generations, and has seemed to have exclusively left fond memories behind. To some, this next iteration of Super Smash Bros. may just seem like the natural progression and development of the series. While that is by all means true, 2014's Wii U edition of the game not only returns with addictive gameplay and com...

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    The expected step forward. 0

    People, people, comparing anything titled Smash Bros with Melee at this point is poignant. When a developer wants to make tweaks to improve upon a game they've established they have two ways. Throw everything into the rubbish bin to start from scratch, but people will go nuts and complain like there's no tomorrow because it has lost its essence; or you can maturely meddle in pretty much everything regarding to this to create a broader, larger-than-life experience that feels a superior version o...

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    Not as good as its predecessors. 0

    NOTE: This is a review based on the 3DS version not WiiU.As a big fan of the franchise I must say that this is a welcomed sequel and great game overrall, except that the 3DS version isn't the best in the franchise nor is the WiiU version (which I only played once at a friends). So I am going to review this game while also thinking about it's predecessors.Story - Unfortunately, non existent. I really enjoyed the Brawl story even though no one talked, I loved this humour in it which is a shame to...

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